Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Playing Hide and Seek

Very amusing on one hand. I am doing exactly that. But, the one who is
seeking me out is the state.

Buturo you know. He wants some good punishments for me having the
gayuganda blog, and shouting about it. Sorry, [scratch of the head],
is it Buturo or Bahati who wants that? Who did write the bill? Anyway,
here is the bill text, again. And, some on the many reasons I would be
condemned for having the gayuganda blog.

I am aiding and abetting. Aint I? I do it everyday on this blog,
talking about my sexuality.
7. Aiding and abetting homosexuality.
A person who aids, abets, counsels or procures another to engage in
acts of homosexuality commits an offence and is liable on conviction
to imprisonment for seven years.

Aiding. Abeting. That this blog does, doesnt it? And procuring? I hope
to hell the gay connection sites dont do that. Because I may be guilty
on all accounts. Only seven years in prison?

And of course, I am promoting homosexuality. I think that very potion
of the bill was written with me in mind! Forgive my overweening sense
of self, conceit and arrogance. They ill become me, but, they are me.
ha ha ha!
13. Promotion of Homosexuality
A person who
(d) uses electronic devices which include internet, films, and mobile
phones for the purpose of homosexuality or promoting homosexuality;
(e) acts as an accomplice, or attempts to promote, or in any way abets
homosexuality and related practices
commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine of five
thousand currency points or imprisonment for a minimum of five years
and a maximum of seven years or both fine and imprisonment.
All of those things do apply to me, dont they? The corporate thing
doesnt apply, in section 13 (2). See, unlike some who mistake me for a
group that receives 20 million USD, I am a single person. Ahem.

The very stupidity of bill lies in its broadness. Dr. Sylvia Tamale
told Bahati that if someone sent to him a text message on his phone
implying that Bahati was homosexual, or if he sent him some nice lewd
pictures like the kind that Ssempa goes around showing around in the
name of demonising homosexuality- that that would have Bahati
convicted. Bahati smiled. [shrug, shake of the head] I think he thinks
that Tamale was lying. But, a law that non specific is tailor made to
blackmail people. And, I do hope he falls foul of it. It will be such
ironic justice!

But, all that was a diversion. Where I am, I cannot open my blog.
Very, very seriously.

Somehow, Google helped me get around the posting, which I can do. But,
I cannot open the blog! Because it is seriously inflammatory, and it
spreads homosexuality, and is subversive. Have you got that?
Lucky for me, I realise that I cant open others which are like blogs.
So, I am controlled. A state of affairs that I do not like.

And, as a by the way, the Minister, the man who believes that
'mini-skirts' should be banned, (Like when His excellency Idi Amin
Dada was president,) Minister Buturo also thinks he should police the
names of musicians. Ha ha ha ha! Dont be suprised. That is vintage
Buturo. Hardline moralist all the way through. Just be very afraid
when this man turns his moral hate onto you. Because, as he notes,
Homosexuals should forget about human rights. Here is his latest foot
in the mouth.
Dr. James Nsaba Buturo, the minister of Ethics and Integrity, is quite
predictable when it comes to his morality crusade, but he still
manages to surprise the media. Recently, the minister actually shocked
journalists when he turned his moral guns on the self-styled "Ghetto
president," popular musician Bobi Wine.

"How can someone call himself 'president of the ghetto'?" he asked,
before telling reporters during a press briefing at the Media Centre
that government is working on a new law that will see the abuse of
drugs by musicians tamed.

"They use drugs and then come out to say that they are important. You
hear someone calling himself president of the ghetto, and he's proud.
Who tells you that staying in a ghetto is a good thing?" asked a
visibly irritated Buturo. Bobi Wine proudly proclaims himself as
president of the ghetto republic of Uganja.

Sometimes scrutiny is not so good. Someone dares to examine what is up
with Uganda. And, there are certain things which dont get reported.
Because we are so strong. Here are his or her words; confused eagle.
This is only the tip of the iceberg regarding Uganda. Press Freedom is
a Concern. The Nation is an instigator in the Democratic Republic of
the Congo, There are internal conflicts as well. And over the weekend
it came to Light that their Government is not particularly pleased
with the New US Ambassador. It seems that He thinks that the Ugandan
People actually have a Voice in how to run their Country. Where have
we heard that before?..... I know it was in Kenya.
Ssempa continues to gain some very vocal supporters. Yes, he does. I
bet he is in heaven over that.
Problem is that being Ssempa's friend is kind of tough. Ask Rick
Warren, and the fellows at Teen Mania. It involves a state of being
where you stand enthralled in his presence, and dont see the hard core
XXXX porn when he is showing it around, even to his own children. That
demands a state of mind that is exceptionally rare, thanks be to the
gods. But, such people are there. So, Obama dares to criticize Uganda?
Ssempa comes to the defence. And, some people are ecstatic!

By the way, despite the way he acts, Ssempa does not actually
represent Ugandans. No. He is yet to. [grin...!] I know, that man of
god is angling for that sooner or later. He is too ambitious not to go
for it. Even the very presidency. But, for now, he is not an elected
leader of my beautiful Uganda. So help the deities.

For Christian Prayer breakfasts, which I do not intend to attend, (do
I protest too much?, is that a good thing? or bad?), pass the eggs.
Not the draconian laws. Bahati didnt feel like going. He says he
declined the invitation. Did he?

Ex-gay therapies? Someone cautions. They dont work, they are
unnecessary, and they may do a lot of harm. See poor 'Georgina' aka
George Oundo and Paul Kagaba. they are really deluded. But, they are
allowing Ssempa to use them. Sigh.... This world is a jungle, and the
lion will always eat the lamb, and the doe. Dont you be deceived. I
know for true. They dont work, they are unnecessary, and they do harm.
Says gug.

I will have to sign off. Truly.

To all my dear fans, [bow, bow, bow....!] I am very sorry that I
cannot thank you in a post for your greetings and worries. I am fine.
Yes, I can post, and it is fun to do so.

Be well,

and love to you all


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Diederick said...

At least you have a way to let the world know about the situation in Uganda.

I've commented on what I think should be done about Ugandan policy concerning homosexuality, basically I'd like to see the government extorted into altering their law by stopping all humanitarian aid. Basically withholding a child's pocket money until it starts behaving properly again.

Of course this is unfortunate for the needy, but it's all the power the Western world can exert apart from invading. It seems about time the world wakes up as a human species, and not as countries competing against each other.

Uganda is hurting mankind, therefore Uganda needs to be torn open, investigated and healed. Foreign aid should come with a price, that price should be the mandatory establishment of laws supporting all of what is stated in the UDHR. If humanitarianism is not supported by a country, why should humanitarianism support that country?

I've made a little DIY for you.

How to get rid of government that is incompatible with humans:
1. let UN set up safe/secured ports (ways for people to escape Uganda) and establish refugee camps
2. stop foreign aid, start trade embargos
3. let the government bleed dry from economic isolation and lack of population (which will have fled through the UN ports) -> expect military resistance from government
.4 let the country collapse (government surrender)
.5 arrest and prosecute government officials (international trial of crimes against humanity)
.6 rebuild government structure with constitution based on UDHR
.7 resume necessary humanitarian aid
.8 give cleaned-up Uganda back to returning refugees
.9 monitor progress, give advice to new government
.10 support Uganda in growing out of 3d world country status

Jean-Paul, Canada said...

"There is no nonsense so arrant that it cannot be made the creed of the vast majority by adequate governmental action."

- Bertrand Russell

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