Wednesday, February 24, 2010



Bone tired.


that is the overwhelming sensation. For two days I have been away from my beloved- [ahem, ahem], blog. Now, seems like I was away right into a dry desert and I need to say something. Anything, however silly….!


Yes, even if I am tired.

Sometimes, most times, most of our labours appear fruitless. And one comes out wondering whether it was worth it to risk all. And then one remembers that there is little to risk. That there are some pretty solid arguments for me being truthful to myself. That is a help.


Why do we continue the fight when we appear to lose consistently, always, heavily? Because we are human beings. And, we shall not sacrifice our humanity just because some person tells lies against us.


Because, if we don't stand up and walk, limp on… Well, we shall be dead. Simply dead. So, we shall take joy in our limping walk.


Funny situation. I have an in-law of mine in the house. My lover isn't around, but he assured me that the guy has no problems with what we are.

So, I took him to a bar where someone hit heavily on him. I am a wicked person, I admit. Didn't warn him…. But, did I have to? I mean, why should I apologise if a girl hits on him heavily? Didn't comment… And, he didn't comment, at least not in my hearing.


My lover isn't around. And, me and the kitchen have this strange repellent chemisty. So, the in-law is doing the necessary. Which is kind of odd.

Oh, you don't know our culture….

It is odd. At least I think so.

In lieu of cooking, I will take him out. Saves me blushes!


[This was written last night. I have just woken up late morning, refreshed. But, why not post it?]



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Nic Garcia said...

gug, Keep up the blog. I appreciate your voice and stories. I hope you are able to keep it up and stay out of harms way! Don't let anyone silence you.

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