Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Of course I am.

This is like an addiction. Of course I always have to come back.

Now, the streets of Kampala have been red with the red rug. I said I dont reference that particular piece of dirt here, but, it is on their net.
Now, what they are reporting is this.

  • You know the US televangelist Ben Hinn was hit by divorce papers? That news was so big it did kind of get the attention of the faithful in Uganda. We always see him on TBN's Lighthouse television.
  • Now, the red rug says that the wife cites in the papers that Ben Hinn had sex when he came to Kampala, Uganda. Gay sex at that.
  • And, apparently the gay sex was with a prominent Ugandan preacher.
  • Have I ever mentioned here that Ben Hinn is a friend of Pastor Robert Kayanja?
And, after saying that, in true red rug fashion, do I need to go on about the essence of the red rugs allegations? Enough said. Ok, I forgot the headline. 'Benny Hinn Sodomised Top Kampala Pastor.'

Pastor Ssempa got so much press about the Gay Porn Shows, that he decided that there was something like too much press. So, he decided to rein it in. With a press release which seems to dig deeper the hole for the man. Oh well! If I was his public relations manager, I would fire myself...

Anyway, he continues to bear the monica, 'Uganda's Porn Peddling Pastor' Ssempa.

A most illuminating statement from him, justfying the Porn show. At least a gay porn show...! 
"we have to educate ourselves about what homosexuals do."
Indeed. We have to. Any news on where the porn show will be next? I do need to educate myself too!

Odonga Otto and his slaying of a gay son. What people say in their hate of homosexuals is interesting. Very.

But, I have to sign off. My concentration is failing me. So, later...!


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Leonard said...

Butt, butt, butt, Benny Hinn is so UGLY (casting spells or no spells) I certainly don´t believe that a obviously handsome Pastor Robert Kayanja could fall under him (literally)...more shame for his brother, the Lord of York/Archbishop John, Church of England, to pretend he doesn´t know anything about as he busily dodges the REAL issues, regarding REAL persecuted, demonized and murdered LGBT ¨Hooligans¨ throughout the Anglican Communion.

Soon I think I´ll join your non-Church gug, it seems far more wholesome and honorable!

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