Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Nastiness of the Church of Uganda


I am given to sharp language. But, real Englishmen (ahem, ahem), have this facility at the language which clothes an insult in robes of crimson and velvet. (and purple...!)

Check this article out. The whole of it.

Me, I just plain say that some Churchmen are hypocrites. And who is to say I am being rude? I am gay, and I am not a Christian. What a load of excuses!
But it is an affirmation that gay people are right to love one another; and that is, I think, the single most important step away from homophobia. When you compare the Synod's vote with the language used by the Church of Uganda on Monday, when it scrupulously avoided condemning the death penalty for gay people, the difference is obvious and very cheering. I cannot imagine the Church of England assenting to anything which takes the loathsome bullying tone of the Ugandan statement: "The Church ofUganda is committed at all levels to offer counselling, healing and prayer for people with homosexual disorientation, especially in our schools and other institutions of learning."
If the writer had asked me, I would have said it very bluntly. But so help me the gods, very, very truthfully. The Church of Uganda believes that gays like me are not human beings. Period. The church of Uganda is that Giddings guy, Bishop of Oxford, multiplied by the number of bishops that the Church of Uganda has.

Now, now, now. Stop calling me out for my straight talking. Why, I may soon start quoting Jesus himself, talking about the Church of Uganda!!!! And, I promise that every word that I say will pass the litmus test, and the truth reader. It will be truth. And nothing by the truth.

I am nasty, arent I?

At a conference for gays which, naturally, has no gays.... Do you want to read more of that?
Me, I am a dirt poor African who knew almost nothing of the 'Cultural wars' about my sexuality. But, then I discovered that I am one of those demonised, or saintly people who cause wars and launch the ships of war. I am gay.

Now, tomorrow is Valentine's Day.

Of course I have planned something special for him. Cleaned out my account, (the 20 Million USD has NOT yet arrived. Did Buturo lie?).
And, now I have to smuggle it into the house, and make him think that I forgot that tomorrow is Valentines...

Hey, we have to have fun, dont we?


PS, the Seventh Day Adventists in Uganda did support the bill. the Bahati bill. But, here is a link of one of their brethren who actually actively opposed them....

Christians are funny, arent they?

No. I am not talking of the Ssempa's of this world. Or that other Bishop from Kenya who is organising crowds to kick out the gay people. Seriously, think of what Jesus would have told that nasty man.

What is that name of shame, that equals and almost surpases Ssempa in the Christian Hall of Infamy? Bishop Lawrence Chai (means tea) of the National Council of Churches of Kenya. Anglican?


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spiralx said...

I think I found out - finally - what that reference to "millions of shillings" was all about. The Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, who are a US charity, decided to help the legal battle by providing funding for LGBT work in this country.

To me, it kind of balances, and atones for, the appalling misuse of money by the US Religious Right to under-write the likes of Bah-Hate!, Stephen Langa, and "Stinky" Ssempa in their own political "agenda".

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