Friday, February 26, 2010


Good morning.

Its chilly here. Chilly indeed. Has been raining a lot. Thought the wet season was over. But, seems global warming has a different season schedule for us. Well, that is life. Why should I fight against what I cannot change?

Except the Bahati, Anti-Homosexuality Bill, of course.

Have a visitor in the house, my in-law. Cousin to my lover, on fathers side. So, he is his brother, the way we take things here. My Muko.
He was told the facts of our life, before he came. I think the reality has been a little bit overwhelming… I mean, you may hear of homos. But, to live in their home when they are pretty unwilling to hide the fact that they love each other, that is something else.

Bite me. One of the un-intended consequences of the Bahati bill has been a defiance. So, they want to hunt and kill us? Better come out of the closets and show them we are. In truth.

But, my Muko is coming round nicely. Started off almost too shy… but, I was always introducing him as my Muko. Remember the almost comic expression of disbelief when one of my brothers came to visit, and, I point to my bro and say, this is my bro, and then to the Muko and say, this is my in-law. I think he expected me not to blurt it out. But, they both know. So what? Seems as if the skies are yet to descend on us.

A brief review of what is on the net.

It is not God who wants to kill the homosexuals. It is YOU.

A bold statement that is being pushed into the hate speech that comes from Langa and Ssempa and Bahati, plus, plus, plus.

Here is the article. And, it is well written. I do get tired of some people telling me they want to kill me, in the name of their god, of course. No, it is not their god. It is THEM. Period. No parcing with words.

Being Lesbian in Uganda. Check out the article.

And, before we go too far, remember that the post, Ssempa's Infamy is being continuously updated. Check out the reaction of some Moslems. and, of course, the Observer's Analysts screams in at the number of new 'recruits' the Porn Screenings at Pastor Ssempa's church has had. Amazing!

Have a great day, chill and all.


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