Friday, February 12, 2010

Whine, and Not


You remember the Christians in Uganda who want to kill or imprison homosexuals?

They include the Pentecostal Pastors, and with less emphasis, after a careful parsing of the words, and a check of the Bible for something else, the Catholic and Anglican Church in Uganda.

I know you will protest. But, I am a single individual who will not say that the Church of Uganda loves homosexuals, despite the pontifications of 'loving the sinner and hating the sin.'. At least Ssempa is no hypocrite. He hates homosexuals with a passion, and is not above demonising them, and fully supporting measures to kill them. But the Church of Uganda? Hypocrites. And, that from a non-Christian.

And, let me go back to the Catholic Church in Uganda. For 2 months they kept quiet. Despite knowledge of their own doctrine. The Vatican jolted them with the statement at the UN.
And, it was only after that jolt, that they went ahead and said they dont support the Bill. Bahati's Bill.

And, as soon as they did that, they went on rampage in the Churches, on Christmas day of all days, to condemn and demonise us. Hypocrites, again.
The Pastoral Care of Homosexual peoples? Lack of love hidden in legalese. See how, err, non-Christian I am? Of a document written by a Cardinal now Pope. Indeed!

But, this is all about a group of Christians and Jews who have come out unequivocally against the Bahati bill.
No, it is not Rick Warren. Poor man was forced to come out against the bill. And then, he was so beaten by the hand he raised that he has since kept silent. But there are other Christians who dare to speak out. Outright, Forthright, and unequivocally.

They love homosexuals in the Name of Christ. And, they are not willing to put many words to lie to their love. I dont mind what churches they come from. I dont mind that they are Christians and Jews. I dont mind that they are far away.

And, I am not a believer. Neither in Judaism, nor in Christianity. Nor anything.

What I do mind is that they have come out and said something, in their own words, in love. And, since I cannot pick and choose the sound bites from their document. I am praising it. And recommending that you go read it. It is here.

I would recommend it to the Christians of Uganda. But, with the likes of Ssempa and Orombi as their examples of Christ, how can they really read and understand these words? But, they are here.

If Bahati and Benson Obua Ogwal do read them and learn something. All the best. If they dont, then this non-believer, a gay pervert, will continue pointing out how far they fall beneath the grace of their god. And, I promise to be gleeful. All the time! Again, here is the article. Do read these sincere loving words. And, try to understand them. Especially if you are a Christian who believes in the Bahati the Hero Bill. Here are the words.
Do you know any scientist?

Those nerds who speak in a language only they can understand. Here, they are trying to work out why we gay people are.

Apparently, they write an important article. And, what do I understand of it? Zilch.

Evolutionary Biology? Maybe they should devolve a little bit so that we understand what exactly they mean in the article. Judge for yourself. What is frustrating is the fact that they say something important and forget that we, the audience, need to understand what they say.

They speak in Doctorese.

Hey, the thesis is that we gay people are there to spread the genes of our siblings. Realllllllllllyyyy!

I dont know why  I had to read this one. My Diagnosis is killing me.... But, you see, it is hilarious.

Be well, and be good.


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Anonymous said...

I have just recently heard about this disgusting bill. In the U.S. where we are supposed to care about civil rights and freedom there is little media attention about this struggle the Ugandan gays and lesbians (and those who love or befriend them) are enduring. But thankfully liberal churches are listening to your plight and they are working to bring attention to this issue. I tried to clip and paste a link to the sermon our pastor delivered on this issue but it wouldn't paste. So if you are interested in reading it (or listening to it on podcast) go to and click on read (or listen to) sermons. The name of the sermon is "Spiritually active, sexually free?" by Marlin Lavanhar.
Our thoughts are with you and the other oppressed due to whom they choose to love in Uganda.

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