Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Kenya first. And, only Kenya

This is almost disgusting. Here is an account of what really happened in Kenya, in Mombasa.

I am not adding on anything for myself, because you need to read the real thing. What and why happened when. Here is the account.

People 'blame' for the 'troubles' and they only have to look in the mirror for what is actually the cause of the hate. It is certainly not us. And, the stupidity is not only of our doing. Read that account. For it is most likely true, and, you will see why we the kuchus of Africa end up being 'guilty' of everything. Even when we are the VICTIMS. We are the perpetrators.

And police? Why, they are the enforcers of our misery.

Now, please, go read the account of what has been happening in Mombasa,  Kenya



skz said...

God help Africa, God help us all. the recount of what happened in Mombasa has chilled me to the bone!

spiralx said...

I had an email from GayKenya today which says that there is no accurate media account of what happened. They were interviewing 5 of the people involved, so I hope that shortly they will publish something that comes close to the truth than anything we've seen so far.

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