Monday, February 15, 2010

How does an Ex-Gay Person think?

Here is a letter to some of us from dear ex-gay friend (or enemy, from what I gather) Paul Kagaba.

I have decided to lift it just like it was written. The people mentioned have already been outed, so there is no problem having their names on the blog.

The subject line, in Screaming Capitals

Am verry distubed by those who call them selves are rightous asParelli of other sheep please agree the defit no homo of any kind is nornal.
 I never saw any hetro person recruiting others to become hetro but since i was in intergrity of ssenyonjo i was chosed among others to be on sexual minorities uganda board SMUG we was recruting all over UGANDA ,.WHAT STUATION ARE YOU IN? these so much mirth, and spreading of  homos and deseases . from Victor up to Stosh HIV postive entere freedom and Roam,  fromDevid kato kisuule up to those new recruits youre just transmiting AIDS IS THAT THE RIGHTS YOU FIGHTS FOR ?        Try to change and stand for truth coz truth will set you free, abnormal, unnatural and a perversion" those are real homosexuals; "homosexuals are worse than beasts" same-sex Our views of homosexuality theological view that to be homosexual is sinfull
     TO DAY 14TH  FEB 2010
         You have been with many at JBK hotel our spys have been with you doing the same stuff  but GOD LOOKS EVERY WHERE  AND HAS THE SOLUTION FOR THAT.
       EX GAY 

Ok, so I didn’t dare modify Paul Kagaba’s email.

But, I wondered at a few things. Not the grammar, though, I bet Paul didn’t ask Ssempa to spell check of course.
  • I think he is railing against Reverend Parelli of the ‘Other Sheep’
  • Paul Kagaba must have been a very highly successful ‘recruiter’ of homosexuals. In Integrity with Ssenyonjo. And then on the board of SMUG? And, they were recruiting all over Uganda….!
  • And, besides recruiting, they were transmitting AIDS. How very, very sad.
  • Interesting that Paul the Christian Kagaba is outing people as HIV Positive, as well as gay. Very interesting the way Christian love works.
  • When the guy was a homo, he must have been a very self hating one. I cant believe some of the language he uses…’homosexuals are worse than beasts’
  • Hey, the JBK hotel thing? Was that recruitment? But, I thought homos recruited heteros? I mean, that, as far as I know was a gathering of kuchus, celebrating Valentine, and love and also their spirituality. I do believe that is what happened. Of course there were no heteros to recruit. At least that is the impression I got.
And, how did they know about it?

I mean, Paul Kagaba, ex-gay. He certainly was not on the invitation list. And, Paul’s God has a solution for that. Yes, he does. That is what Paul Kagaba says.

What do I know about ex-gay Paul Kagaba?

Regretably, very little. But I do know that he was bisexual in behaviour. And, tended to favour those who had some colour (money) to spare. And, the Bazungus of all stripes, for his attention.

Well, he is ex-gay. And a Christian. And,…. he stepped into George Oundo’s shoes when that one reportedly became ex-ex-gay….!

Paul, a word of advice, stop telling lies about kuchus. It hurts you more than it hurts them. You do know that you are telling the lies. And, the kuchus also know that you are telling the lies. It is most likely that Ssempa knows too. But, he is going to encourage you to continue doing so. Because, at the moment, he is getting lots from using you.

When one of us comes out and laughs in your face about the lies that you tell, like what happened one time on UBC television, the egg on your face will be too much for you to survive. Then, you will really understand how bad a ‘friend’ Ssempa is.

Be good, Paul.


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