Thursday, February 25, 2010

Great Article

Sometimes one comes an article that is so great an assesment of what is happening on the ground that one wants to share it, without embellishments.

Mutua was in Kenya, before he came to Uganda. He is a Kenyan, and what is happening in Kenya is very connected with what is happening in Uganda.

So, he came to Uganda to address the homophobia, and was shocked, and did rebuke the homophobia.

In Kenya, the Mombasa anti-gay riots had just happened. And, he did address them.

Its kind of funny. A while ago, Kenya was the most intolerant of nations. With little freedom. Now, in East Africa, the Kenyans look at Uganda and shake their heads. They cant imagine the limitation to freedom of speech, thought, in Uganda.

Oh well.

Here is the opinion piece. Read it, and great reading.

Debate on the gay rights shows progressive change in Kenya


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