Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Where I was, I realised that something which characterises those who are hostile to us is a profound ignorance of us.

So, is it hate? Do they really hate us?

I have no doubt that there are some who fully, truly hate homosexuals. Nothing can explain the language they use, their actions. During the Agenda Uganda NTV production, from the audience was one member who articulated that the death penalty by hanging was nothing. It was too soft. In his view, homosexuals, gay Ugandans should be taken to the Clock Tower and shot to death, in public. As was done in Amin's time. Firing squad in public.

He said that, addressing Val Kalende directly, on TV. She had come as a gay person.

Yes, there are some who truly hate us. Including the ones who tell deliberate lies so that we are demonised.

But, the vast majority of people are hostile to us gay people through a profound ignorance. Ignorance fuelled by the lies of those who do hate us, but ignorance nonetheless.

Our Kenyan brothers took some time to reflect on what was happening in Kenya, Mombasa recently. This was not an isolated incidence. That was the overwhelming message. Hate, hate speech, and violence do occur on a day to day basis to LGBT people, in Kenya. 

It is a little known secret. We can fight hate with love. Check out the story of Jesus of Nazareth. Or, a little known guy, Mahatma Ghandhi. Yes we can.

But, is that a strategy to take with these guys? The haters, and the ignorant?

Another Christian Ministry lashes out at the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. It is just not Christian. And, they come armed with verses from the Bible, which Ssempa should understand. Ssempa, after dismissing all the Christians who don't support him has found himself dealing with Christians who believe it is not exactly kosher to show porn in Church. Even in such a laudable reason as making people hate homosexuals. Was told of two programmes on the fm stations here in the last couple of days that, err, where not happy. And, from an unreliable resource, he was actually criticized in his Church. But, I am not so sure….

Of course we do have friends.

Who are in turn vilified and held in contempt. For supporting us, a community that is pariah.

Hold on friends. And, thanks for being friends with us when the cost of that is something that is real. You are in truth friends.

Forget the hypocrites of religion… Those, I am not afraid to call them hypocrites. They are.

Those who fight with us fight for a number of reasons. Human rights, religion (oh yes, some fight for us in the name of Jesus, odd that others use that to bash us.), health and a range of others. Including those who say, wait, they are HUMAN BEINGS.

All are derisively named 'promoters of homosexuality'. And, those who make the bill want to punish them, with de-registration, jail time, fines. Because they simply think we should be thought of as human beings.

Here is an interesting BBC article on the anti-gay news from Africa in the last few weeks.  It is interesting, because it has been complained that the BBC reports, especially from Mombasa, Kenya, were inaccurate. But this is a thoughtful summary.

And, some brave news from Kenya.  Is interesting the contrasts, the differences that can occur within the same country.

Now, I will have to sign off.

Havent dealt with the wealth of emails yet. Hope to, but for now, still recovering from some exertions.




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