Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I love this Pic

I was not going to blog, then I saw the pic below, and, quickly, I was into blogging.

As simple as that...!

See, I was down because I have been having one blow too many... I thought at least there should be this 'idealism' about our fight for our lives. But no, not amongst kuchus. Not in Uganda! Ha ha ha!
I should have remembered what I always tell people. That we are human beings, us gay Ugandans.

Oh, the pic! Here it is. And the story of 'Moses'. You go mate!
I think I know the dude. Must say I hope he has found what he has sought so long in life. Here is his story.

Speakers at Tuesday morning’s launch warned that the Ugandan bill would cause a genocide of LGBT people in that nation. Moses, a gay man from Uganda seeking asylum in the United States, gave a chilling account of the harassment and terror he withstood growing up there—even before the bill, which would not only call for the death penalty and life imprisonment for LGBT people but also require friends and family to turn people suspected of being LGBT over to the authorities.
Moses, who addressed reporters with a paper bag over his head to conceal his identity, spoke of how in Uganda, “one would rather die than come out of the closet,” because LGBT people are so terrorized in a culture that portrays homosexuality as “deviant” behavior. He described being beaten at school and living in constant “fear of rejection, fear of isolation by my family, making my family a laughingstock... fear of losing friends, fear for my life.” He experienced a “constant feeling of shame,” and ultimately abandoned his studies and lost his job. LGBT people in Uganda, he said, are routinely denied housing because of fears of “spreading” their “deviant” behavior.
Moses said that he was raped by a policeman, but feared seeking medical attention because “if I told health workers they would not give me help. They would instead report me, and the next day I would hit the headlines in the newspaper.” Moses displayed lists of suspected homosexuals published in Ugandan newspapers with headlines like “Top Homos” and “Homo Terror.” People lost their jobs and received death threats as a result of their names being published, he said.
 And, if he is the guy I know, he has an interesting story to tell of being Christian and gay in Uganda.  I really hope he does find peace where he is, now.

The story from Towleroad.
And from an eyewitness

We had two different size bags, and he tried on each, as if they were shirts at an Old Navy store. We had to ensure that it was a snug fit, lest it fall off, reveal his identity and put his life in jeopardy.
It had been a three-day trek by car for Moses and a friend to get to Washington. This heroic journey would not end in magazine covers, book deals or fame as a talking head on the cable networks. All Moses had to gain was the opportunity to share the truth in anonymity, and he did so with remarkable equanimity.
As Moses stood in front of the podium, the juxtaposition of the American flag and this courageous young man wearing a bag to blur his humanity was jarring. I felt pride for living in a free country where we could hold a press conference to denounce The Family’s role in Uganda. But, there was also shame that America, famous for its innovation, had been exporting a virulent and violent strain of religious extremism to far away lands.
I have been re-reading the bill again. It is nauseating to read. It is real distilled hate against a people that someone knows nothing about. And, I was struck afresh at how we as gay people, gay Ugandans are supposed to be a clear and present danger to other Ugandans. To an entity that is called the 'traditional family' Here is the text of the bill. And, here is the not so few references to the 'traditional family' quoted in the bill to justify a genocide.
From the Memorandum
1.1 The Principle
There is also need to protect the children and youths of Uganda who are made vulnerable to sexual abuse and deviation as a result of cultural changes, uncensored information technologies, parentless child developmental settings and increasing attempts by homosexuals to raise children in homosexual relationships through adoption, foster care or other wise.
The venom is indeed significant. If I wonder how my existence threatens the traditional family, this cheerful story offers some insight.
Lesbian albatrosses to raise their chick
Two females set up 'unusual' family unit after successfully incubating egg
By Kathy Marks, Asia-Pacific Correspondent
When two female royal albatrosses at a New Zealand breeding colony embarked on a lesbian relationship, there were some raised eyebrows. But when the pair successfully incubated a chick, wildlife experts were delighted – and surprised.
The father – one of scores of males at the Taiaroa Head Royal Albatross Centre on the South Island's wind-swept Otago Peninsula – appears to have disappeared. He will play no role in the upbringing of his week-old chick and, just like an increasing number of children, this bird will grow up with two mothers.
"It's quite unusual in the albatross population here at Taiaroa Head to have two females mating together," Lyndon Perriman, the colony's head ranger, told Television New Zealand. "Even more unusual than that is that the egg is actually fertile this season."
While homosexuality is well documented in the animal kingdom, including among seabirds, Taiaroa Head – the only mainland albatross breeding colony in the world – has recorded only two previous instances of females setting up a nest together in the past 70 years. Neither resulted in a happy ending.
The latest pair had tried nesting with a male albatross during two previous breeding seasons, but the threesome did not work out. This time, the two females took turns sitting on the egg.
Sam Inder, the manager of the centre, said: "It's an unusual situation because we've had a triangle with one male and two females for the past couple of years, and obviously that hasn't been terribly conducive to getting on with a breeding programme. This year the male left the trio, but obviously not before he had mated with one of the females."
The male has not been seen since, and Mr Inder told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation: "My personal view would be having to live with two women might be just a bit demanding."
Initially, rangers at the centre were not sure whether the female pair would stay together, so they tried them out with a dummy egg. When they proved to be good parents, the original egg was returned to the nest. Now the ladies are taking turns to guard the chick and fly out to sea to fetch food.
There are about 140 royal albatrosses on the colony with wingspans of nearly 10 feet. This season 17 chicks have hatched from 17 fertile eggs, a rare 100 per cent success rate. 
Wow! I realy loved that story. Truly.

Now, back to Africa, where in Malawi, gay people are continuing to be arrested for asking for Equality. Oh, some call them gay rights. I think of it as being equal to my hetero friends. Seems like everywhere I look are signs of how un-equal I am. This guy was putting up gay rights posters. Police arrested him for a charge that, well, proves that police are police.
Peter Sawali had put up posters saying: "Gay rights are human rights", on a main road in Blantyre, police said.
He was charged with conduct likely to cause a breach of peace.
A controversy has erupted in the country after a gay couple were prosecuted for public indecency because they got engaged.
Police spokesman Dave Chingwalu told the Associated Press news agency Mr Sawali's poster campaign had backing from foreign organisations.
"We are still investigating because we believe there is a chain of people who were working with Mr Sawali," he said.
"We cannot rule out international sponsors because of the quality and the quantity of the posters." 
Peter, Peter, Peter, who deluded you that Gay Rights are human rights?
Ask the Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity in Uganda. 'Homosexuals should forget about Human Rights'. Truly.

And, of course only foreigners can give you the money to insist that you, Peter Sawali, are equal to other Malawians. You cannot be. That is very, very clear. (Of course GayUganda has white blood under his deceiving black skin, dont you think?)
The American Prayer hour. That was what 'Moses' was all about, isnt it? The Family's National Prayer Breakfast is tomorrow, or this morning? Hey, I am many hours ahead. Seems some pointed prayers are being held for Uganda.

Of course am glad Bahati is not attending. I am not above being snide and bitter, and vindictive.

Is interesting to read about the power play of religion and politics in the US. In Uganda, to declare that I am not a believer in anything is suicide. Or at least many think it is, but, my pulse is still going strong.

I like torturing myself, asking why people hate me.

On Kampala Road, on Cham Towers, (former UCB), I do see this guy Andrew Wormack's ministries and books and stuff. Swell office space, I must say, right in the middle of town. He is an American evangelist. Married to a Ugandan woman, I believe. And, he gives a robust defence of the Bahati Bill.

Oh, good for him. What I wanted to know is why he does. I dont think that any sane human would support that bill. But, there are many who I consider sane. Which shows you that I am not ruthless enough to believe that my enemies will kill me.
Box Turtle Bulletin has his defence of the 'Kill the Gay Bill'.
Oh, and it was not Wommack. But someone writing in his name....! Shores or something.

I have read through, and I hope the guy gets a nice sleep when some of our gay ghosts visit his pure Christian soul.

Now, let us fast forward to September 2010, when the Bahati Bill is law, and here we are prosecuting some people for Homosexuality, and related offences.
Here is the rest of the story.

Have a serious laugh.



Anonymous said...

I also read your blog every day. Your writing is moving and poetic.

I just saw what I think is the first TV coverage of the situation, in the UK, a ten minute item on BBC Newsnight. The well known presenter was clearly incredulous at the proposals in the bill: "yes, you did hear right, the death penalty for gays." . A lot of it was Ssempa pontificating and posturing, and I thought he came across as very insincere, arrogant and aggressive. At some points he looked possessed.

It was a pity it was not a deeper piece of journalism, but at least the horrors of what you are enduring over there are now reaching the mainstream media in the UK.

raulito said...

You are enduring untold abuses over there. Just do me a favor...remember Eleanor Roosevelt's quote: "nobody can humiliate you without your consent".
If these people think of themselves as superior or looked upon with the Creator's approval because they stick their dicks in a dirty vagina that is not a good enough reason.
We are all equals in the sight of God and if you pass judgement on others you are usurping God's will.

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