Sunday, January 17, 2010

Martin Ssempa's World

Hey, I do not like Journalism....

I mean, there are so many things which are so interesting, which they miss out, all the time. ALL THE TIME. Imagine, Ssempa does these things always, ALWAYS, but, they NEVER, EVER REPORT THEM. But, a guy called Ariel Rubin, came here and had decided to actually do ACCURATE Reporting.

Welcome to Ssempa's world. I am not going to change the words of his report. I am simply going to add my usual chide remarks. I believe it will be mostly laughs.
But, guys out there, please note that this is the real, bonafide Ssempa. Ssempa's World.
Ssempa says; "I will not call them gays any more, these are sodomites. And I ask you please, in the media, stop misusing the word gay, which means happy people. These are not happy people."
Hey, that is what he always calls us. Sodomites. Nice word from this man of god, isnt it? He literally wants to dehumanise us, to make us nothing. Ssempa truly hates homosexuals.
It's when the pastor starts showing the photos of men covered in feces fisting each other, that you realize this is no ordinary press conference.
Uh. We shall get back to that.
Ssempa called the conference to announce his plan to mobilize more than one million people to march on February 17th in Kampala to show the world just how strong support is for the bill. "We want to give a postcard that he [President Museveni] can send to his friend Barack Obama," he says.
See, that is what I was saying. The press has been reporting the Million Man March, and, they have not reported all the other things which actually happened. That last paragraph is the summary of all that has been reported. But, you do need to read on. And, hold your nose, brother! Sis.
However Ssempa, clearly relishing the media's spotlight, takes the opportunity to begin a lengthy digression on his deep-seated feelings about homosexuality, pedophilia and the "broken" West's decadent influence. Most of what he says might be laughable if his influence wasn't so far-reaching and the message so deeply offensive. As he repeatedly boasts, 95% of Ugandans are against homosexuality, "this is democracy at work."
I dont need to say anything.
A highly charismatic and flamboyant man, Ssempa seems less to speak than to gesticulate wildly, gleefully exhorting the audience of the ills implicit in homosexuality. At one point, he even dramatically decides to break for prayer, calling on the god "who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah" to communicate to the media that Uganda will not perish in the same way. "God you know this bill has to pass," he prays with his eyes towards the heavens. "In Jesus' name, amen." Most of the journalists in the room, whether by force of habit or true faith, instantly mumble back, "amen".
And, when I say the bill is in the name of god I am castigated for lying. I will say again, the Bill, this Bill, is in the name of God. Prove me wrong, if you Can.
Ssempa is no stranger to controversy, having over recent years, burned condoms in the name of Jesus and arranged for the publication of prominent homosexuals' names in cooperative local newspapers. His abstinence-based HIV/AIDS work was supported by the Bush White House and he has close ties with the born again First Lady, Janet Museveni. His latest work though, with MP David Bahati who privately introduced the bill, has thrust him into the forefront of the debate.
No comment
A captivating speaker and natural performer, (he was once the East African breakdancing champion), Ssempa clearly knows how to work a crowd. When a reporter asks why he is persecuting adults engaging in consensual acts in the privacy of their own bedroom, he quickly takes out his laptop to expose just what these acts are.
Charismatic, nonsensical, and, he follows no logic but his. But, I do love this reporting, because, again and again, Ssempa has done exactly the same thing. And, not once before has this been reported. Hey, I know that some of the reporters tell me that they have to switch off the cameras because the things that Ssempa says are so offensive. So politically, wildly wrong. So un-Christian.

So what? Why dont you report these things? Why not??????

This scene has been repeated ad nauseum in Uganda since this bill debate started. This is what Ssempa does. This is what he has been doing for all the world media that has been persuing him. Welcome to Ssempa's world
A pornographic slideshow of black and white photographs of men engaging in scatological fetishism is revealed. "I want to show you from their website", he proclaims, a devious smile forming. "I've taken the time to research what homosexuals do in the privacy of their bedroom. It is inhuman, it is animalistic, and it cannot be right. I want to show you these pictures." The audience lurches forward, leering at the pictures and groaning in disgust. Ssempa, enthusiastically goes on:
Hey, hey, hey.... Stop a second.
Do we all homosexuals do the things that Ssempa shows? Have you ever watched a porn movie? Do you do everything that you see in a porn flick? If you do, well,....! You have me flabbergasted. Ssempa knows this. Oh, he signs himself Ssempa PhD. Which tends to imply that he has read. Something. Or, he has a reasoning capacity.

But, day in day out, Ssempa denigrates and devilrises homosexuals by saying that they do fisting, etc etc. He describes the things in detail. He....! YEss,, HE DOES. That is not a lie. That is a fact.

Me, I am a homosexual. I know that most of the things, (if not all), that he shows on his slide show is just too out for me. I have not done them. (No. It is not only missionary position for me...!!! No way!) But, back to Ssempa's world.

Now, let us go to his words. His OWN words. Ariel got them. Ssempa's words.
I want to say homosexuals eat each other's poop (feaces). Homosexuals stick their hands into their rectum. Homosexuals stick all sorts of deviant sexual things into their rectum. I want to show you this is from their website. So the first picture that I want to show you, you can see this man has just eaten the other person's poo poo and is rubbing it on his mouth, and I'm going to ask that we print for each of you a photocopy of this story so you get it fully.

Then, of course, they are grabbing each other's gentials, that is level number one, touching each other, grabbing each other. Then number three, now they are licking eachother's anus and are licking poop. And they call poo poo, chocolate. You see it is a change of words. I want you to see, Sheikh please forgive me but I want these people to see, they say a picture is worth one thousand words. This is a man eating the other person's poo poo, can you see that one? Please from BBC, I want you to tell them, we know what they do.

Hey, have you gotten the picture? Do you want photos of that? Do you want a video? Ariel, if you still read this blog, dont you think a video of Ssempa doing his thing would be appropriate to the world out there? What do you think? Maybe the guys at Box Turtle Bulletin could be persuaded to really show the world what Ssempa is like? The true Ssempa?

Lets go on.
This coming from a man of god, a community and church leader, and yet also the co-author of a bill which makes touching another person "with the intention to commit homosexuality" an offense punishable by life in prison. He concludes, "After they have eaten poo poo, then he puts his hand inside the other man's rectum. You can see it. That is called fisting. FISTING! Practiced by 65% of all homosexuals. It is deviant! As if that is not enough, he puts it all the way," he pauses for effect and then excitedly grunts, "iiiiiin!" The audience erupts in laughter.


Ssempa's world. You want more? I know, if you are gay, you are roaring with anger at this point. You are really angry. Remember, this is a very charismatic man, stirring the pot of hatred, against a community which cannot even come out and say, But sir, I have never, ever done that!

The result has been a genocidal bill. And, the support of all of the country, with those of us who cannot come out and say WE DONT and, Ssempa stop lying, we are cringing in shame. How can I say that I am a homosexual after that perfomance from a MAN OF GOD? How can I say that he is lying?

Then, Rubin weighs in with the damning analysis. The cold blooded analysis of Ssempa which the press of the world has been seeing, following, but have not dared to tell the world what a madman he is.
There is something distinctly un-Christian about Ssempa's lengthy tirade, whether it is the pronounced lack of compassion or the clever way he manipulates the argument. No he isn't victimizing, he is standing up for the real victims here: the minors and handicapped insidiously recruited by homosexuals. He criticizes rights groups for their betrayal of the "boy child" who is being molested and raped by men in Uganda without adequate protection. He accuses those who've accused him and his bill of fascistic and undemocratic aims as being "non-ideological" and "undemocratic" themselves, seeking to quash any discourse and stifle the debate.
No, Ssempa is not stupid. He is a clever, ambitious, ruthless enemy. Cold, calculating, and extremely effective. And, when I say charismatic..... Hell, the guy is charismatic.
But, dont stop there. There are still some inconsistensies in his diatribes.
Ssempa easily shores up support by turning the argument into one of African communal pride versus neo-colonial attempts to destroy it. He calls homosexuality a direct assault on the traditional African family in spite of (or perhaps to overcompensate for) the seldom-mentioned fact that he met his white wife in the United States. He frames the argument as the new clash of civilizations: "For us, as Africans, we are a community, our value system is 'I am because we are'. For the western people, the Europeans, they say 'I am because I am'."
 Clever, isnt he?
He vigorously castigates America and European countries as "failed states" for "putting the export of sodomy as their number one priority" and seems especially emboldened by Uganda's recent oil discovery, dismissing Western aid as little more than a pittance. "If the changing of our laws to receive sodomy is the price we have to pay to receive mosquito nets and malaria nets, then we'd rather die in dignity."
He has a turn of phrase that is bold and endearing. Wont help himself but will borrow when necessary, as long as it serves the man. Right now, the need is to pass the bill. With a few minor corrections,....!
Ssempa laughs and goes on to wax lyrically about the inherent evils of "anal licking" while every day his draconian bill inches closer to being passed. After dismissing one reporter's query over possible cessation of aid to Uganda, he exclaims to a rapt audience, "I care deeply about white people telling us what to do. We really find that annoying. I want to say we are a superpower!"
Yeah, he is black. He is married to a white woman. But, he plays the race card, the unAfrican card, the anything goes card.

Now, that is Ssempa's world.

I commented to someone that Ssempa is the kind of person who cannot be discussed with anything. I meant it. My very biased opinion. But, my opinion.
Thanks, Ariel Rubin, for really reporting about this man, Martin Ssempa. Thanks for showing the world what the man really, really is.

And, by the way, Ssempa lies. So, soon, he is going to say that you have misquoted him. Store all the tapes, all the videos somewhere safe. Dont let him get away with anymore of those lies.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I will end my diatribe of the man of god called Martin Ssempa. That is a more than true picture. Persuade one of the press guys out there to show you the videos of the man. Post them on Youtube, or something. Keep them for posterity. That is the man.

The article I lifted from here.

Have a great, Ssempa free week. But, I doubt you will.


PS. Rubin, you receive my Reporter of the Year Award. The BBC, for being there and not mentioning this, you are delegated to also ran...!



Erik said...

An opportunity for Bahati's arrest:

Leonard said...

Good Lord, you´ve made me sick to my stomach...I can´t imagine what I´d say to the lunatic Ssempa. I´d probably snap and be arrested for screaming and yelling FILTH (no doubt confirming the worst about GAY people to his degenerate mob of eager ¨dirty talking/marching¨ followers of Christ).

I saw his grandstanding and obsessed performance regarding the letter to Rick Warren on video...honest, I think the man is very sick spiritually and emotionally...imagine how that kind of vile spewing must scare his innocent (does he have any?) followers...and the white wife love/escapade, where in the heck did he meet such a sucker that she would say ¨I do¨ to such a deeply seeded racist, sexist bigotry? Someone ought do a video of HIM IN BED HAVING SEX! That ought snap a few heads! Who knows, his whole cult might arrange for white foreign wives to protect MALE Ugandans against Afro-Lesbianism if Ms. Wife does a few naughty ¨Barbie¨ girl tricks! Are there children who may be harmed emotionally because of the brain power of this grandstanding idiot?

spiralx said...

Scatology. And coprophilia. To give them their grand, Latin names.

But you don't just find them on the Internet. Pictures, or descriptions. You have to go looking, maybe even pay good money. And as a fetish, it's even more rare than the 3-6% minority of the population who may be straightforwardly gay or trans-sexual.

To dig those out, spend time with them, enjoy describing them to others (even under the guise of "information"), and to focus so selectively on that one aspect...!

Ugghh. Truly, Ssempa is a disturbed individual.

Anonymous said...

What all of you gay people don't understand is that you defy the logic of the creation of man and man, man and woman, and woman and woman. There is no natural way for you to have intercourse so you resort to what many think is disgusting. Anytime someone attempts to enter someone else anus, the result has to be some amount of poop. Sempa is absoultely right to mention this...these are the unspoken disgusting aspects of homosexuality for men and truly it is a disgusting thought for anyone to comprehend. Even without Sempa's explanation, he still can just say, they use their anus' for pleasure. DISGUSTING! We are trained from a very young age to treat poo poo as disgusting.

gayuganda said...


what you dont understand, Anon, is that we are actually gay. We are gay. That means we do know more about what Ssempa is talking about than himself.

So, if I a gay person tells you that Ssempa is lying. Do you believe me? Would you even dare to believe me?

Leonard said...

The whole thing is I to imagine, ¨anon the coward¨ doesn´t think that heterosexual ladies don´t take it up the poopshoot? Rock/Pew, find another one to crawl under because you, not me are a tiresome heretic and blatant/selective Scriptural bigot who chooses to believe SICK JUNKTALK about other Christians. Amen

deleted said...

This guy does what alot o conservatives did in California to outlaw gay marriage that I worked with. He is doing this to piss you off, to really upset you. He wants a fiery reaction to represent the idea that you are dangerous, billigerent. Remember when peter cut off the ear of that Roman, Jesus had to heal that ear, even though the romans killed jesus. Don't get angry, The press will skew it. THe only thing better is sensation regarding this man. Sign me up for an invitation to ride this man's cock till it explodes in my ass, or chokes me out. I'll just be sure his congragation gets the photos of that too. I think he'd be alot happier if he would just let himself get fucked really hard by his dom. I'm crazy

gayuganda said...

Thanks deleted...

Gosh, I cnat stop laughing. The ideas you put in my poor head! Oh!

And, by the way, he sets off people's gaydar. Many of us wonder why he is so unashamedly virulent. It may be possible that he is closeted even from himself!

Thanks, esp for that imagery!

Tom said...

Anonymous, You are projecting your own heterosexual understanding onto creation. It's obvious that you've never had an erect penis against your prostate and the pleasure that comes from that experience. If you had, you would know that the male body was created or evolved with a very powerful pleasure spot three or four inches inside the anus, just where an erect penis can stimulate it.

You also have no understanding of douching and bathing. Do you have sex with your wife when she's bleeding out? I doubt it? So, don't assume that gay men have no sense of cleanliness. It's ignorant.

Let me quote you and just change a few of your words:

"There is no natural way for you HETEROSEXUALS to have intercourse so you resort to what many HOMOSEXUALS think is disgusting. Anytime someone attempts to enter someone else [sic] VAGINA, the result has to be some amount of BLOOD."

Sex whether it's hetero or homo involves bodily fluids in holes that either bleed, poop, or have teeth.

Parts of the body, naturally serve multiple functions, some involving waste, others sensory pleasure.

The nose: it smells, it's a passage for breathing, and it expels phlegm and drains the head of infection.

The mouth: it chews, it tastes, it provides a breathing passage, it is our specie's instrument for verbal communication and intimate touch, and it provides an escape passage for poisons and toxins that one might accidentally ingest. Vomiting is disgusting, but you heteros still kiss your wives, and mistresses.

The penis: it's used for ejaculating semen and also for passing urine and kidney stones. Does that mean that all heterosexuals use their penises to urinate up their female partner's vaginas? Of course not!

The vagina: an outlet for the urethra and urine, a pleasure center for tactile and sexual stimulation, a drainage passage for blood, unused uterine, and embryonic tissues, a canal for "god's" natural abortions, and of course the passage for birth, with all of its blood, fluids, mucus plugs and meconium. So does this mean that all heterosexual males drink blood, eat naturally aborted embryonic feces, and smear baby "poo poo" on their lips? Of course not.

So, why is is so hard for you homophobic bigots to understand that the anus, like every other hole in the body, serves multiple functions?

Again to restate your words, oh cowardly anonymous:

"We are trained from a very young age to treat VAGINAL BLOOD as disgusting." It's in the Jewish and Christian scriptures. Look it up. You might find that your god thinks you deserve a good stoning.

gayuganda said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Now, you have set me off, again!

Anonymous said...

Martin Ssempa you are so gay (which in UK and USA parlance means 'fake'). Yes, I am telling the truth. In conversation it goes like this. linguistically, 'He's go gay' - which transalted from the venacular means he can not perform according to his ascribed duties. To call someone gay in the 21st C, in the civilised world, is about ability and NOT sexual orientation. Gay means that you have done a bad job or are not serious (but it is just passing joking comment). Not eating Poo-poo. Where the hell did you get that idea from - pornography movies??! You obviously know more about being gay than I do.

'He doeth protest too much.' Go figure. It is a shame as you are an educated man and even worked in New York. Next time you are there especially downtown make sure you have a security guard otherwise you will be dead meat.

Human rights is just P5 at any school in the civilised world. Somehow, I think you are making / corrupting money out of this issue.

Will text you tomorrow suggesting you to desist and resist on 0772641028.

By the way - I am heterosexual but pissed off as I have many gay friends - who are lovely and caring believing in God's word.

Thank you.

God bless.


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