Friday, January 15, 2010

Not without Risk

Being Gay in Uganda.

This was in the red rug.

Gay Couple Survives Lynching, Goes Awol

By Stanley Ndawula

Police in Kawaala are still hunting for Fatima Ssaabwe and Sanyu Mikki, the shameless gay couple that went in hiding shortly after surviving the wrath of enraged residents. The naughty girls, hitherto residents of Kawaala in Rubaga Division, a Kampala suburb, sneaked out of cops’ hands after being rescued from the angry residents who nearly forced them into an instant meeting with their creator.

This, according to police sources, followed Mikki’s courageous manner when she called-in on one of the several city radio stations and demanded for her ‘rights’ as a gay, hence attracting the residents concern who reasoned she had tarnished their village’s reputation.Police then intervened and rescued the girls from the looming mob.

Might seem like one hilarious report, in the red rugs sensational writing. But, this can be serious stuff. If residents of your village decide that you are bad in any way, define that as you will, you may end up being killed. Mob justice. Beaten, stonned to death.

And, the police can only act as belated rescuers in that case.

It is not without risk.



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