Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Children's March

Remember the children's march? I posted about it here. And, the article in the Daily Monitor is here.

Except that the article has been withdrawn. Yes, it has been withdrawn by the Daily Monitor people. And, replaced by this brief statement.

The story has been withdrawn because it was inaccurate
In this story, we indicated that Raising Voices, a non profit organization, had sponsored a children’s march against the anti-homosexuality bill. We have since learnt that the march was organised by Children with a Mission, a church based group as part of the Children’s Day of Prayer. The theme of the event was to enable children to reflect on violence against them, and not to protest about anti-homosexuality bill.
Raising Voices did not sponsor the march nor does it support the anti-homosexuality bill. The quote that was attributed to the senior officer of Raising Voices was wrongly attributed.
We regret the inconveniencies the report has caused.
 And, and, and,

this comment was posted here, on this blog. Here is the comment. I believed it did deserve its place here.

My name is Prossy Jonker Nakanjako. I want to disassociate from this story that appeared in The Monitor 25th January 2010 on page 2, with headline ‘Children march in support of gays bill’. The march had nothing to do with the Anti-Homosexual bill; it was about children’s day of prayer, an event that happens every year since 2007. The day is organized by ‘Children with a Mission.’ The views attributed to me in the story are a misrepresentation of what my opinions are about the homosexuality. I believe that human rights are indivisible and for everyone irrespective of whether they are heterosexuals or homosexuals, men or women, children or adults, black or white, everyone. I am very much aware of the human rights violations the gay and lesbian community are going through in Uganda and I feel sad that my name has been used to front the agenda of the Anti-Homosexual Bill activist.
 Bravo, Prossy.
Bravo, because you have actually come out and demanded that your name be dissociated from this. And, that you as a Ugandan has come up with an unequivocal statement of your non support of this heinous bill.

For those who hadnt seen it, these are the opinions which were attributed to Prossy. Hey, I had lifted the quotes, already.

The senior programme officer at Raising Voices, Ms Prossy Jonker Nakanjako, said the children’s march had been organised as part of the annual children’s national prayer that happens before the start of the first academic term.
“There are children from all over the country and we are here to convey our massage to the government, school administration and parents that sodomy is evil,” Ms Nakanjako said. “Government [should] provide children with education, health among other necessities and give them protection.”

From the attendant photo, some of the posters were for the bill. But, clearly, something was happening which was not exactly kosher!

Anyway, glad that the article has been withdrawn. And, glad that there has been some clarification from Prossy, who seems to believe very strongly in Human Rights, indivisible (contrast with Nsaba Buturo; Homosexuals should forget about human rights)

Anyway, not looking a gift horse in the mouth. Not really.

Can you come out to more conclusions from this leavings of the tea leaves?


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Unknown said...

Hey Mr. as a gay man in the UK who takes my liberty to live my life as i am for granted, i admire you. have just found your blog after seeing some small news stories that keep cropping up here, wanted to find out more and am so shocked. stay strong man. The world is waking up to your problems, slowly, but surely..... anything i can do to help let me know

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