Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Hi all,

Happy New Year. Happy New Decade.

And, may you have a very, very beautiful year and decade.

I have just emptied my camera of last years photos, and realised that there were some beautiful pics of Kampala that I would love to share with you. So, of course I am going ahead and sharing them. Here they are.

Kampala on Christmas Day was wet and cold. Very. But, it being home, all those details were forgiven. It was lovely, wonderful, beautiful. It was home.

Okay, from another angle...

The  prominent tower is NSSF House. The pensions fund which is as scandal ridden as the rest of.... Uganda,! Photo was from Gaba road turnoff. In the background is the Railway shed.

Of course, we had to sneak out of town. Went to the Lakeside, near Entebbe

The poor people who strayed into the lens of my camera, well. That is not a comment about their sexuality, ok? I know, Ugandans shun me. Dont want to make people feel bad because I photographed them without knowing! Ok, they might have looked good to me...! Which is a compliment, surely?

I love the lake. Love this view of the lake. Here it is, uncluttered.

It was a grey day. But, it was still beautiful. This is another corner of that lakeside bay that we visited.

But, Uganda is sunny, summer weather.

That was the week after Christmas. Though, there was lots of wet weather.

New Year's eve, yesterday, made up for all the wet. It was glorious, wonderful, beautiful weather. In the afternoon. And, the evening.

This is an unusual angle of Kampala for me.

I simply love the lovely Ugandan sunsets

This is the afternoon on New Years Eve. I wanted to take some pics of some guys, but, I had to take one of the city to disguise my intentions...!

This was the picture I intended to take. When I was taking the one above. I love Uganda's produce. Very. This pick up is loaded with mangoes, fresh from the trees. If you notice anything super succulent there, you will not be, err, mistaken.

Ha, did you see that?

Have a lovely new year. Have a lovely decade.
Peace, love, prosperity to you and all yours.


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Hélder António said...

Happy 2010, gug!
Greetings from Portugal.

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