Monday, January 18, 2010

A letter from a Reader

Sometimes, I fail to understand the venom behind the hate and ignorance that other Ugandans have for us.

Here is a letter from a reader of the Observer Newspaper. Consider that the Observer has been relatively gay friendly since the Bahati Bill was introduced. But, they publish a letter like this. Casually cruel. Symptomatic of what most Ugandans feel for us as gay people.

It does hurt. This casual cruelty, this feeling that we are less than human, lesser people because, well, we are gay. Here is the letter.

Gays can get an island of their own             
Written by OUR READERS              
Sunday, 17 January 2010 18:22
Since Ndorwa West MP, David Bahati, introduced a private member’s bill calling for life-imprisonment or hanging of homosexuals, the dust continues to rise. The bill shook our globe to such an extent that even the powerful US President, Barack Obama, the UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and all the major international media houses like the New York Times were jolted. 
I sympathise with the sexual disorder or disorientation of homosexuals and lesbians. But I don’t have kind words for its practice, promotion or justification. In my opinion it is a “human wrong” which must not qualify as one of the human rights to be guaranteed and practised.
Since homosexuality is an unnatural sexual orientation or behaviour (disorientation), it is a disorder. Like any other health related disorder, there are possible remedies to correct it.  For example, if I had poor eyesight, I would get correction glasses. Mental illness is a disorder; it is treatable in psychiatric hospitals.
However, although the mentally sick have a right to life, their freedom is constrained by law because they are dangerous to the general public. So do homosexuals. Homosexuality is dangerous as it threatens the existence of the human race because it is sterile.  At some point the debate on the fate of homosexuals in Uganda must come to a conclusion. In my opinion, if the West and the so-called development partners are hell bent on protecting homosexuals’ “human wrong” as a right, I suggest the following:
1. Allow all homosexuals and whoever develops the symptoms of homosexual behaviour to migrate to the UK, US and Europe.
2. Let the government secure a vacant island for homosexuals. There, they will be safe from homo haters. Then we shall see how far they can go, because they will get extinct. That way, Ugandans don’t have to shed homosexuals’ blood and David Bahati won’t have to take the blame for their demise as proposed in his bill.
Raymond Otika,
And, you may find that Raymond prides himself in being a good Christian man. [shake of the head]

I do know that these things are what our countrymen and women think of us. I know these are the kind of letters they write. I am kind of disappointed that such a 'solution' was offered, and published in a newspaper. Of course, it is following the Mufti's offer of an island for us to die out in Lake Victoria.

We are simply less than human. Mentally defective. In their good mercies, the good moral, upright Ugandans would like us to live out our perversions, out of sight. Confined.

No wonder Bahati did write a bill that was a final solution. Genocidal from beginning to end. Doubt that? Read the bill. Text here.



Jean-Paul, Canada said...

The mental illness in Uganda is called homophobia.

Homosexuality is not a mental illness.

We can help heterosexuals heal themselves of this mental illness and develop as normal human beings.


Jean-Paul Bentham

Karen said...

I read this and am filled with sadness. It seems to me that first Ugandan Christians must understand that from a Christian perspective those who are gay are children of God and created in the image of God. No less a part of creation than those who are heterosexual. But that can be a tricky conversation to have in my own culture. I don't even know where to start across cultural differences (but that is a tempting email address you have posted). What words could they hear? Would an email from an American Christain make a difference or just prove that outsiders are trying to meddle in Ugandan affairs?

Anonymous said...

@ Karen: It would prove that outsiders are trying to meddle in Ugandan affairs. In this case it needs a Ugandan to convince a Ugandan.

gayuganda said...


I sincerely dont know what will change such a person's mind.

Maybe a letter would help. I dont know.

that is what puzzles me most. The wall of ignorance that I try to tease, cajol, beg, demand to change, and, my countrymates have resolutely refused to hear all reason.

Anonymous said...

Ghettoization is no solution wherever in the world! And who is the main producer of homosexuals? The Heterosexuals! Should they also imprisoned for this?

Karen said...

*chuckle* one "NO!" and one "maybe". I shall ponder this more before doing anything. If I do send a letter I will send you a copy. And I must ponder that petition as well. I don't want that man in my country, but I really don't want to hand the other side the PR gold mine of having him kept out for his "religious" views. And having him here (in my city no less) presents tremendous possibilites to publicize what he is trying to do.

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