Monday, January 4, 2010

Gay in Uganda

The New York Times.

They came. They interviewed people. And, people talked. I find that interesting. Because we are in fear. Yes, we are. But, gay Ugandans spoke out. It is amazing, hearing these very familiar voices.

Listen to Nikki Mawanda. and Stosh. And, a taxi driver who knows gay Ugandans. And, doesnt mind them. And, of course also David Bahati. Here is the interactive with audios.

And, the article. Gay in Uganda, and hunted.

It is interesting. Seeing myself in a strangers eyes. Having our story told by others, but, in our voices. These are the day to day things that are my environment. And, some strangers did come and picked up some pretty accurate picture of what we are. Of who we are.

Why dont my countrymates, people like David Bahati, why dont they understand us, when people coming from thousands of miles away, from another continent, understand us?

And, the beginning of all of it.  After the Americans Visited, Ugandans weigh Death for Gays.

Amazing stuff. My life, through others eyes.

You do have lots of reading and listening to do. Go ahead, you will learn about what I am. What we are. What it is like being gay, a Ugandan, in Uganda.

Have a brilliant day.


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