Friday, January 8, 2010

Confusion, in the Cabinet!

Hey, what should I say?

First came this report in the Daily Monitor, which I posted about here.

"The government's position is that the existing provisions in our penal code against homosexuality are strong enough and that this new bill is not necessary," Aston Kajara, the state minister for investments, told AFP.

"The penal code already sufficiently covers this issue," he added.
Then comes this one.
However, another top minister contested Kajara's comments .
Ethics Minister James Nsaba Buturo, a staunch supporter of the bill who has repeatedly stated that "homosexuals can forget about human rights," said Kajara could not speak on behalf of government. "I would be the right person to speak for government on this issue not Mr Kajara," Buturo told AFP.

What the hell is happening? Minister for Investment, and Minister for Ethics and Integrity.... Who wins in this battle within the cabinet? Investments are going to suffer, because of this bill. But then, it touches the morality of the country. So, the Moral Minister weighs in.

Last month Buturo told reporters: "Nobody, nobody, nobody has the right to think for Ugandans. Nobody has the right to impose their values on a sovereign state."
And, Buturo added in another
“The truth of the matter is that there is no way government can withdraw that bill,” Buturo said in a phone interview today. “The matter is beyond our hands and we can’t interfere with the work of parliament.”
Ha ha ha ha!

Of course that is not true. Or, Buturo really wishes that it was true. Fortunately, Uganda is a paper democracy....! Otherwise I would be packing my clothes!

I bet this below was a reminder to the dear President....! Who will most likely look at it and frown, the Emperor's frown.
Buturo said today that any elected politician who opposed the legislation would lose their posts in next elections. A parliamentary and presidential vote is scheduled to take place in Uganda next year.

“Supporting the homosexuals is political suicide,” he said. “People can be given an opportunity to change to a better way of life. I am personally looking after some people who have reformed,” Buturo said, without elaborating.

Keep watching, keep praying!



planet trans said...

Gug, your perspective as a citizen of Uganda is incredibly enlightening and invaluable. All I knew, like many outside your territory is the inhumanity of Uganda's anti gay laws, in place and proposed. I will pray. And Tweet. And Blog!

Query? Why would it be comforting that Uganda is a paper democracy? Is that sarcasm? Because it is my understanding a paper democracy is one that is a facade to deceive inquiring eyes.

gayuganda said...

Hi Kelli,

This bill has overwhelming support in the population. And, in parliament. So, it was thought that it would pass without any dissenting voice, because it was so 'popular', and the churches are supporting it daily, weekly. It is a 'moral' issue to support. If you dont support and you are a Ugandan, then you are bad.

So, if it was only for parliament to do something, why, it would be passed.

But, Uganda is a paper democracy. The president controls parliament, and they have increadibly managed to be a rubber stamp, more convincingly than ever.

The president is the only politician in Uganda that I know can stiffle this bill and still be elected without any fear of it becoming a problem later on. And, for him, if anyone tries to tamper with him, why, sometimes one may find themselves dead, or accused of 'terrorism' or something like that...!

Harsh reality in Uganda.

we have to live with that. The President does mind that he is being compared to the infamous Idi Amin. He minds about the reputation of the country outside Uganda.

Anyway, that is my take on that.

Erik said...

"Last month Buturo told reporters: 'Nobody, nobody, nobody has the right to think for Ugandans. Nobody has the right to impose their values on a sovereign state.'"

That's ironic given that Buturo is a tool of Washington D.C.'s C Street lobby, also known as The Family.

Correct me if I'm wrong, isn't the Ministry of Ethics and Integrity a relatively new cabinet in the Ugandan government? Wasn't Buturo appointed from the influence of U.S. right wing evangelists?

This bill will not be good for ordinary Ugandans. They will lose foreign aid. Buturo will be arrested when he tries to fly to other countries. It's a lose-lose situation for everyone. Hopefully your President has the wisdom to understand this.

Eventually what I think needs to happen in Uganda is support for GLBT centers where gays and lesbians, queers, and their straight friends can find community without persecution. Being out and proud would go along way to changing public attitudes. They will see that the sky is not falling and life pretty much goes on as usual.

gayuganda said...

Ethics and Integrity was formed about five years ago. Buturo is the second in the post. Yes, the evangelist seem to have lots of influence.

Of course the bill is not good. But, we are keeping our fingers crossed.

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