Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Opinion in Monitor

Just wanted to butcher an opinion piece from the Monitor.
I must say the Monitor people have come out really and solidly against the bill. New Vision is still, errrr, still having its unofficial embargo on all things homosexual.

Bahati Hate Bill: Museveni didn’t have to wait for outside pressure
By Bernard Tabaire  
Posted Saturday, January 16 2010 at 00:00

It is not a done thing yet. But there is hope. President Museveni, no friend of same-sex relationships, now says Parliament, dominated by his NRM Party, should take into account foreign policy implications as it considers The Anti Homosexuality Bill. Since Ndorwa West MP David Bahati, a member of the executive of the NRM Caucus in Parliament, tabled the proposed law as a private member’s Bill three months ago, Mr Museveni had been quiet.
Yeah, talk about that solid silence from the 'govt.' It was as if nothing was happening, while the foreign affairs was going bonkers, with Buturo saying things that are way of of this world. Like 'homosexuals should forget about human rights.'
What I liked best about the analysis was the concluding two paragraphs, which I lift here.
It is difficult to write about Bahati’s Hate Bill and not get sick because the proposed law and its aim to do harm can be avoided altogether. The world as is has too much that may not be easily avoided. Think Haiti. Surely, not Haiti! The images of death and devastation visited upon Port-au-Prince by the forces of nature this week leave one at a loss as to what to make of this world. It is a world that gives life but it is also a world that unleashes images so, so horrible.
And then there is David Bahati of Ndorwa West.
 This man needs to take time off to understand human relations a little better. Enjoying some good music could provide a fair start. I am not sure what is good music for our MP but he could honour the memory of Teddy Pendergrass, who passed on this week, and listen to his songs such as “Life is a Song Worth Singing.’’ Pendergrass’ lights may have turned off, to corrupt the title of one of his songs, but hope lives. Even with cataclysmic earthquakes and murderous pieces of legislation backed by posturing politicians and pastors and other such bigots, music helps life to be lived. 

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