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Million Man March on Kampala and other things...

Hey, you see, I have been unable to round up for a long, long time. So, why not do it now?

First things first. I think that the power is being switched off in my area so that I dont have access to my blog. Ha ha ha ha! I mean, I also need a good conspiracy theory to work for me!
Anyway, fact is, we are having more blackouts than hours with electricity here. And, it is taking its toll on me. All that time when I am forced off the net. I am an addict!

Here is some good insight into the Man of the Hour. MP David Bahati. Apparently, the only insult that I, gayuganda could think of his is that he was a dupe.
Hey, bite me, but that was not an insult. It was an observation!!!!!!

Sincerely speaking, David Bahati simply does not know much about homosexuality. He is willing to go by what Stephen Langa says, (second, third hand from Richard Cohen and Lively). He believes that which he is told, by Martin Ssempa. Without question. That is why I pitied him. He is a very well meaning person who has been fed a lot of tripe, and, he believes it.
That does not mean that he is not dangerous to me. I admire his faith, his beliefs, his steadfastness. But, if he believes that I should be like him, he has got to think again. Sorry. He is a dupe. He was duped. And, he continues to be duped. Untill he wakes up and starts reasoning for his own self...... No. I am not insulting him. I am making an observation.... [sigh, I am becoming very, very bad!]

Here is the article, Bahati; the unlikely Gay Basher.

It is instructive that the author pours praise on him as a person, and then concludes with this sentence.
Perhaps a veto by the president, as recent reports have suggested is in the works, will eventually be required to halt the repressive law.
Add another person who is using the man Bahati. The President.

Sorry, I still think Bahati is a dupe....! And, he is the one who is going to come out smelling like dung. The president is going to come out smelling like roses. He always does. Bahati is the fall guy. Which is a pity, because he is well meaning.

But, he should also not forget to say what the bill really says. Because, when he lies about that....! Let me pick out another dig into the guy from this skilled report.
"I'm passionate about the issue of homosexuality because of both the danger for our children and our society," he said.
However, as many have pointed out, Uganda's criminal code already provides for the death penalty in cases of sexual assault or defilement of a person under 18. And besides that one provision, the bill has nothing to do with the sexual abuse of children at all. In fact, the bill's stated purpose is to prohibit "any form of sexual relations between persons of the same sex." It establishes a sentence of life imprisonment for those who commit "the offense of homosexuality."
The reporter had done the research..!
So what business does the government have with what two consenting adults of the same sex do in the privacy of their own bedroom? To Bahati what goes on between them is a crime. "If two thieves were in the bedroom, would you stop government from going there? If two terrorists were in the bedroom, would you stop government from going there? When they get out, they will influence (society). They are planning to recruit children into this behaviour."


Terrorists, thieves, we are planning to recruit????!!~!! Dupe. And, I will add that he does not think for himself.... Ha ha ha ha.

Ok. I was on my anniversary with my lover. 9 good years together. Bahati would get all evidence of this and plans to give me the death penalty for this. Yes he would.
At least he doesnt insist like Ssempa that he doesnt plan to kill homosexuals like me. Yes, he does....!

Have you heard the Million Man March on Kampala? Ssempa is going for broke. A million man march on Kampala to support the anti-gay bill. February 17th. I will keep my eyes pealed.

"We want to show how many people support the bill," Pastor Martin Ssempa told journalists in the Ugandan capital.
"We want to give a postcard that (Museveni) can send to his friend (U.S. President)Barack Obama," Ssempa said in front of posters saying "Africans Unite Against Sodomy" and "Barack Obama Back Off." He said the march was planned for February 17.
I am betting that, as usual, Ssempa doesnt know when to back off. But, I am a biased analyst.

I love the guy's rhetoric. The west are 'failed states' because they support gay rights. Ha ha ha ha! I must say that we Ugandans have some firebrands. Problem is, he is shaming me like Amin did. Can do without that kind of infamy!

The UN Human Rights High Commissioner weighed in.
Navi Pillay, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, added to Western criticism of the proposed legislation by saying it breached international standards. She called on Uganda to shelve it.
"The bill proposes draconian punishments for people alleged to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered -- namely life imprisonment, or in some cases, the death penalty," Pillay said in a statement.
That was Reuters. The Guardian adds this tidbit
"To criminalise people on the basis of colour or gender is now unthinkable in most countries. The same should apply to an individual's sexual orientation."

 Pillay called on the Ugandan government to put the draft bill on hold because it breaches international human rights standards. 
Have you noticed where the quotes are from? Guardian, New York Times, Reuters.... I am afraid the bill is still defining Uganda's Foreign Policy, Mr Museveni. Dont you think it is high time we withdrew it?

Not in my interest as a gay Ugandan of course (ahem, ahem). Just in the interest of the good name of Uganda!

And, are Uganda's mainstream churches starting to listen to their friends outside the country? Here is something that I have just seen. Dont know the significance.

The draconian penalties in Uganda’s proposed ‘Anti-Homosexuality Bill’ have come under sharp criticism from the Christian Churches of Uganda.
In its December 17 Christmas message, the Uganda Joint Christian Council, a coalition of the country’s Anglican, Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches, said that while its individual member churches had not yet issued formal statements on the proposed bill, all were opposed to the harsh penalties proposed for the suppression of vice.
 Hey, I dont like the Churches hypocrisy. But, I realise one thing. They hold the hearts of most of my country people. So, if they pull back, even now. It will be welcome.

But, like the President, I think they are having Ssempa define them with his radicalism.

Hey, seems Jan has been interesting. And it isnt half over yet.

Feb will be interesting....!

Be well. Have no power now, so dont know when I will post again. But I will. Of course!


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