Friday, January 29, 2010

Sleepy, on a Bright day

I am feeling sleepy.

But, the sun is out and I have to go do some work. Really need to sleep. [Don’t dare ask what I was doing last night. Will be rude to you.]

This morning, I looked at a brother of mine and took the plunge. Went to him, opened with the famous line-

‘You do know that I am gay?’

Great hitting the nail on the head.
He looked away, didn’t know what to say, prevaricated. I found I was getting too nervous, so I explained. He has seen me living at my place with my man all these years. He must have suspected. And, I was just confirming it.

He was still not very communicative. Maybe he was speechless. I was forced to continue.

There was this bill in the Parliament. It aimed to imprison, kill us. I am fighting the bill, and soon rather than later, I am going to be comprehensively outed. There was lots of misinformation, that we were rapists, evil, etc. But, that wasn’t true.

At last he spoke.

No. It was no big deal with him. Of course he suspected, but, that is life. And, he tells me, that is none of his business. That is a personal thing. And it is no problem.

He was looking at me. He meant it. I felt like hugging him, tight. We are not that close, but he had come out on my side. Solidly.
Then, as I went back to my place, he follows me.

What if someone asks?
I looked at him, and said, it is no big deal. I am out. He can tell them yes I am gay, and, any further questions, why, they can ask me.

That was a great morning surprise. A good one.

Reaction of my lover, ‘Uh, you are gay, and for me, I am not.’
I laughed. Told him he should get those t-shirts which say ‘I am NOT gay, but my boyfriend is’

Hey, this doc thinks a lot of himself. Truly, truly, truly! See the article he has had published. Oh, I know the reaction. He must be gay. A real live gay Ugandan!

I have work to do, so am going to do it, and make sure I sleep… otherwise a great day is going to be dull with sleep.



Jean-Paul, Canada said...

You'll be OK, Gug, you'll see.

I'm very proud of you. Your family would be too if they only knew what a great gay activist you are.

You can hug me tight anytime, my brother.

Jean-Paul, Canada said...

One of the oldest symbols of the modern Gay rights movement is the pink triangle, which originated from the Nazi concentration camp badges that Homosexuals were required to wear on their clothing. It is estimated that as many as 220,000 Gays and Lesbians perished alongside the 6,000,000 Jews whom the Nazis exterminated in their death camps during World War II as part of Hitler's so-called final solution. For this reason, the Pink Triangle is used both as an identification symbol and as a memento to remind both its wearers and the general public of the atrocities that Gays suffered under Nazi persecutors. ACT-UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) also adopted the inverted pink triangle to symbolize the "active fight back" against the disease "rather than a passive resignation to fate."

Jean-Paul, Canada said...

January 30,1948 - MAHATMA GANDHI was assassinated in New Delhi, India by a Hindu religious extremist.

Gandhi had ended British rule in India through nonviolent resistance.

"Non-violence is not a garment to be put on and off at will. Its seat is in the heart, and it must be an inseparable part of our very being," he stated in 1926.

His teachings were used during many of the Gay demonstrations of the 60s and 70s and were a major influence on Martin Luther King, through his gay cohort and fellow organizer, Bayard Rustin, who studied with Gandhi and brought the idea of satyagraha (a synthesis of the Sanskrit words Satya (meaning "truth") and Agraha ("insistence", or "holding firmly to") back to the American civil rights movement.

Today, the Gay Christian group "Soulforce" continues the uses Gandhi's non violence practices in its demonstrations against Christian churches that discriminate against GLBT people.

Advocates of nonviolence believe cooperation and consent are the roots of political power: all regimes, including bureaucratic institutions, financial institutions, and the armed segments of society (such as the military and police), depend on compliance from citizens.

On a national level, the strategy of nonviolence seeks to undermine the power of rulers by encouraging people to withdraw their consent and cooperation.

The forms of nonviolence draw inspiration from both religious or ethical beliefs and political analysis.

Religious or ethically based nonviolence is sometimes referred to as principled philosophical or ethical nonviolence, while nonviolence based on political analysis is often referred to as tactical, strategic, or pragmatic nonviolence.

Commonly, both of these dimensions may be present within the thinking of particular movements or individuals.

Belinda Carroll said...

I'm very proud of you.

I admire your courage to come out.

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