Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spin on the Bahati Bill

Huh, maybe I should be glad that there is some debate that is on going.

To me, it is spin. The bill is something out of a movie about Hitler, with Bahati starring as Hitler with a twist. He is speaking words which are fed him.
Check out the text of the bill before you accuse me of hyperbole.
If the collected brains of the Cabinet of Uganda would like me to bless them with any source of sense, let them withdraw the bill. Of course I know they are dependant on the will of the Principle. Not Bahati of course. [sniff]. Museveni.

Here is the report from the Monitor, which is very, very brief. Considering the fact that the Monitor has been the paper really talking and debating the bill. The New Vision has been shutting up. When they start giving 'complete' reports, I state the obvious. The govt wants that particular spin, spin, spin. So, please, all out there, read these reports, and keep up the pressure. Let this Bill become history. If it ever becomes law, please make a commitment to hang it as an albatross around the neck of every individual who is involved in it. If we say never again, we should mean it. Never again to Genocide. Even when it is of evil gay Ugandans like me.

Here is part of what the Monitor reports
The brain behind the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, MP David Bahati, says he can amend the proposed law but “without putting the values of the country at risk”. In an interview with Daily Monitor yesterday after meeting the Cabinet on the matter, Mr Bahati said: “I cannot discuss what happened in cabinet. They are going to meet me and we discuss some amendments but the process of legislation continues.”
Before the meeting, the Ndorwa West MP had told this newspaper that he was ready to listen to the ministers’ input but added that being a Private Member’s Bill, they would not do much to it although “if they want to amend some clauses, I can do it”.
When contacted, Information Minister Kabakumba Masiko said they had decided to form a sub-committee to discuss the Bill and “see if we can amend it”.
“The sub-committee will be headed by Attorney General Khidu Makubuya but being a Private Member’s Bill and a property of Parliament, the process of legislation must continue. But the government will suggest amendments,” Ms Masiko said.
Take away one or two things. There was a meeting. Maybe there was debate. But the strategy now is.... Bahati will be the hang person if anything else happens. Courageous? Dupe. Fall guy for the international community. The cabinet washing its hands, the president coming out smelling like roses. Oh, he 'responded' to the calls of the international community.

And, check out, very carefully, the spin from the Government mouthpiece. The New Vision. Again, I must empasize, be wary what you read.

THE Cabinet has debated the controversial Anti-Homosexuality Bill now before parliament and agreed to amend it. 
In a heated meeting yesterday, chaired by the second deputy Prime Minister, Henry Kajura, the Cabinet formed a committee which will deliberate on the matter before reaching a final position on the highly contested legislation. 
Heated? Sigh.... At least there was some debate. 
The committee, to be chaired by local government minister Adolf Mwesige, will come up with a proposal that will be forwarded to the legal, parliamentary, presidential and foreign affairs committees. 

“It was a heated debate for over two hours. Those who expressed reservations fear the cutting of aid by western governments,” said a source who preferred anonymity. 

“Those for it argued that we need to maintain our independence and values as a country,” the source added. 

There were 21 Cabinet members in the meeting. 
Huh! Must have become a very important meeting. 

While broadly supported domestically, the 2009 anti-homosexuality Bill has caused a tempest abroad and anxiety from western donors who fund a large chunk of Uganda’s budget. 

Those opposed to the Bill say it is discriminatory and violates human rights. 

Breaking his silence on the proposed bill drawn by David Bahati, a member of the ruling NRM party, President Yoweri Museveni last week said it had become a “foreign policy issue” and needed further consultation before being voted on in parliament. 

The Minister of Ethics and Integrity, James Nsaba Buturo, said: “We took note of very strong feelings which both sides of the debate have expressed.” 

Asked about the Cabinet’s position on clauses proposing a death penalty, Buturo said: “I can only speak in general that there are some clauses or provisions which can be modified.” 

“There is a need to have a second look at some of the issues which have been raised by the international community and some Ugandans.” 
Sounds to me like he won that argument.... Yeah, that is what the whole put a good spin on this seems, to me. The cabinet decided that the bill becomes law, with a few amendments. And, when the international community protests, the government will say, see, democracy at work. 

Sources said the Cabinet was divided on the clause spelling out the death penalty. After failing to agree on a position, works minister John Nasasira reportedly proposed that the Bill be delayed. His position was rejected, sources disclosed. 

“Once they have got a position, we will dialogue with the committees,” Buturo explained. 

“The cabinet, however, reaffirmed the obvious, that the Bill itself is a private member’s Bill. That it’s not the property of the executive,” Buturo added. 
He further disclosed that the meeting resolved not to withdraw the Bill from parliament, being a private member’s Bill. The meeting also agreed to uphold “traditional family values”, which they said was the spirit of the Bill. 

The Cabinet also discussed how to proceed following the political pressure that has come with the proposed Bill. 
Yeah, of course they will.

Me, I read the tea leaves. Anyway, I just try to come to a kind of analysis of what is.
My life depends on it. But, I am still alive, and the bill is still in parliament. If anyone wants to deceive me. Well, they are welcome to try. What I do is only use my brain, a little!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

I did have to end on a note of humour.

The struggle continues.....!


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