Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some Opinions and news

A great, beautiful, bright Saturday morning.

Yesterday I was under the weather. Problem with too little sleep... But, that is solved, after a night out with my love and a visitor, and a great night's sleep in his arms. Always good to wake up to good sex. Very good. Makes the day that much brighter!

And today, I remembered that I had lots of news to work through. Lots of it.

That great article from Dr Semugoma, I mentioned it yesterday. Was kind of too sleep drunk to take it in. But, it is a good one. I withdraw my envy of the guy..., NOT! Ha ha ha.
Yesterday I was listening to Bahati and another MP (Dennis Obua, not related to my friend here). They were on a NTV talk show called 'On the Spot' And, there was one thing that is glaringly visible. Bahati does not understand, he completely does not understand why the world is out in arms against his Anti-Homosexuality Bill. [The text is here.]
If you do want a quick update on some of the things that have been happening. It is here, from the Ethiopian Review. Seems there are always new readers, new people getting on board.
It is amazing, and interesting to see how Ugandans, Bahati and others have so bravely whitewashed themselves. They dont believe homosexuals are human beings. That is the very basis of their hatred. They are fighting a holy war, a national war. And, anything goes. Anything.

The opposition in the name of Human Rights, (well, homos are not human, of course), from Christians- ,not the hypocrites in Uganda, those who actually are coming out and looking at the bill in horror and calling on Christians in Uganda to shape up- (they are promoters of homosexuality and they dont follow true biblical Christianity like Ugandans), and, from HIV activists who say the bill will be a setback for HIV prevention. I liked one quote from Ssempa- (who is an HIV activist. Sorry, he is an 'abstinence and be faithful activist'). Ssempa demanded, on World AIDS Day, in a video on NTV television- 'What does this bill have to do with HIV?' Of course Ssempa is a liar. Earlier, he had declared on Premier Christian Radio of UK that this bill was an HIV prevention measure since Uganda didnt want to have the same problem of an HIV vulnerable gay population like South Africa. Oh, the man of god is remarkably flexible in his beliefs. Some beliefs, that is. And, there is emerging opposition from people that I had never heard of- like Uganda's Humanists. Irrational the bill is. But rational opposition is coming up.

All these, all these different people are 'homosexualists'. Errr, homosexuals are 'sodomites', to give them the kind name that Ssempa now bestows on them.

I do wish I could get onto a talk show with Bahati! Just to confront the lies that are being said, in the name of 'wiping homosexuality from Uganda.'

That is a tough thing to say. I know it is very easy to be caught up in a state of the mind that accepts not contrary arguments. But, it can be devastating as you watch a rational human being irrational. I think Bahati is rational. But, he is really very irrational with regards to anything concerning homosexuality. [shake of the head].

We do have our work cut out for us, still. The parliament can make this legislation law without the president's signature. Apparently, that occurs 3 months after the parliament has passed it. And, it does have support in Uganda.

Buturo, ha!
My dear friend Buturo, who is irrational in many things, is still rational on this. He has decided to stop opening his mouth about the Bill of bills.... Found out that he was hurting the country by opening his mouth. So, now he comments about corruption only. Suddenly, it is in the news again....

Ssempa put his foot into his mouth (not unusual, that), with his crusade turning to poo poo. Want to know more? Well, google 'Ssempa' and 'poop', and have a great laugh. Dont hold it back. Fact is, it is funny, though it is desperately serious. But, even serious things need to be laughed at.

In Uganda itself, the lies continue. Judge for yourself from this article. Since I am gay, that makes me automatically a liar. But, some people cannot be liars. They talk in the name of god.

Parents urged to join fight against gays
By Alfred Tumushabe
Posted Friday, January 29 2010 at 00:00
 Parents should jointly work with the government in the fight against homosexuality that is taking root in society, a Mbarara cleric has said.
“In addition to the government laws, parents should strongly condemn acts of homosexuality because they live with the children,” said Rev. Johnson Twinomujuni of the Uganda Bible Institute Mbarara.
He was on Tuesday speaking at a seminar for Rwanyamahembe Students Association in Kashari.
Keep off
He appealed to the students, who are allegedly the target of the international pro-homosexual groups, never to accept to engage in the practice.
 “There is money coming from those supporting homosexuality to schools. You must be ready to reject such offers,” he said.
An anti-gay Bill was tabled in Parliament last year.
And, you do want to know what the Vice President is saying as he tours the country, dont you? Here it is.
Powerful people fuelling homosexuality - VP
By Hudson Apunyo
Posted Tuesday, January 26 2010 at 17:49
The Vice President has blamed pressure from ‘some powerful people’ for homosexuality in the country.
Prof. Gilbert Bukenya made the remarks at the wedding of Apac NRM chairperson Richard Ogwang Odero and Rose Ogwang in Apac at the weekend. He said he is against homosexuality but is forced to ‘close his eyes’.
“Nobody supports man marrying man here but we have pressure because there are some outer people who marry men and they are powerful,” Prof. Bukenya said without naming the powerful people. 
Of course gayuganda is one of the powerful. One of the very powerful.

Hey, be well, be well


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