Friday, January 1, 2010

Prayers for Uganda

For the new year, 2010.

We, the people of Uganda are sincere in our desire to tackle the dangerous and spreading menace of homosexuality. For that reason, most Christmas sermons were about the Menace of Homosexuality. The need to make the Anti-Homosexuality Bill law of Uganda. That is the most important wish of the people, the Christians of Uganda.

In case of any mistakes, here is the text of the Bill.

And, here is one prominent pastor's prayer for Uganda, looking forwards to 2010. In the New Vision, the Government paper.

The year 2010 looks friendly and very inviting. Walls of hindrance, limitation and blockage will crumble before us. I envisage Uganda registering significant achievements in legislature, foreign relations, moral correction and human rights.
The Lord has constantly dealt with me to in the area of governance and national policy over some controversial issues and shown me that, for once, there is going to be a listening ear.
I implore the Parliament to listen to reason and pass the Anti-homosexual Bill with a slight revision on the capital punishment. While we wait, happy new year.
The writer is the presiding apostle, born-again faith
(By) Dr. Joseph Serwadda
He is a prominent pastor in Uganda. He is an apostle, meaning that he has seen Jesus. (Dont ask me the details.)

No. I certainly want the bill scrapped. But then, I am gay. But, for a bill that mandates that 'If you see a Homosexual, Call the police', and, I am a homosexual, it is not only the death penalty that I would love changed in it.

I also want my freedom. From oppression.

The Bill is winning its principal author some well deserved accolades. He is coming in at No. 1. Consistently. He is.
Here is one of the citations. He clocked the Number 1 Position.

1. David Bahati - It’s hard to write a list about 2009 gay rights villains without some mention of folks in Uganda who are tirelessly working to murder or imprison queer people. David Bahati, one of the key legislators behind Uganda’s anti-gay bill, is one of the worst villains, bringing homophobic vitriol and a rolodex full of American evangelical connections to the debate. Essentially Bahati has become a champion of LGBT genocide, hoping to wipe out Uganda’s LGBT population and even ex-pats who support gay rights. Clearly he deserves to own the title in the 2009 LGBT Rights Hall of Shame. He’s been denounced by the U.S. State Department, denounced by governments around the globe, and denounced by human rights organizations north and south. Still, his Anti-Homosexuality Bill is not dead yet, which makes him not only a shameful villain, but a scary one at that.
 Okay. That was the 2009 Gay Rights Hall of Shame. So, David Bahati will take it as accolade, instead of condemnation.

What is my prayer for my country for 2010?

It is threatening to rain. Almost, but not quite, I am getting tired of the wetness. But, it brings the green, and it alternates with brilliant sun. I simply love home.

I want to stay home in 2010. I would love to be here, in Uganda, as a Ugandan, who is free, and not persecuted for his sexuality. I would like my family to grow, my family to know, my family to accept me. I would love to live in peace with all Ugandans. I would love them to be without fear, of arrest, of coercion, of shame.

I wish peace and prosperity, love and understanding for all Ugandans.I am not excluding those who hate me, who I have to fight. Oh, for you I wish you prosperity, but certainly not in the area where you want me dead or in prison.


PS; Pastor Martin Ssempa went ahead and released a video in response to Rick Warren's call to Ugandan pastors to drop the bill. Because it is unchristian.

Well, I think the video is getting rave reviews. And, not the kind that Martin Ssempa would like....! But, that is what is so good about him. He loves shooting himself, in the gut, this time...!


Leonard said...

You´re right about the Ssempa video to Rick Warren...he´s clearly obsessed, out of control and probably will crash and burn (he´s been doing that for a while when ¨framing¨ religious associates for paying Gay prostitutes/boys)...the guy, as you´ve indicated before, is clear overly burdened with this mischiefmaking...there´s a good blog entry about people like him...check it out¨

The Unmet Needs of the Strident Homophobe

Jean-Paul, Canada said...

Excellent video clips. They give me an excellent idea of the kind of mentally ill and dangerous man is whipping Ugandans into an irreversible and tragic emotional frenzy.

Ssempa will end up at the Hague sooner or later, hopefully sooner than later, "before" we witness another holocaust.

Many of us who comment regularly at (I am Canadian), believe that as many of you who can leave the country should do it now while you still have the chance. You can't imagine how concerned we are about you, and how easy it is for us to discern the influence of the Americans in this mess.

Ssempa is livid at Warren. He stated elsewhere that he is expecting anywhere from 3 to 5 million Ugandans to demonstrate in Kampala on the 19th of January. Will Ssempa feed them with two fishes and a loaf of bread?...and let's just not mention washrooms.

The thing I find most difficult to understand is why are we not hearing a word from the opposition parties.

Can someone from GayUganda come to PinkNews and shed some light on your situation; how you are feeling, etc.

Equal Civil Rights! * Equal Civil rights!

Uganda Gay Rights! * Uganda Gay Rights!

Jean-Paul Bentham

Har said...

This whole matter has nothing to do with sexual preferences, but with the lack of human decency, exploited by some politicians and their religious cronies. Once this is applicable law for gays and their friends and relatives, who's going to be next? It's not so hard to be a member of the group of scape-goats: atheists, vegetarians, socialists etc. People should be aware of that possibility. You may be part of the mob right now, but next week you may be out.

Erik said...

The problem with religious extremists, such as Ssempa, is that they cherry pick religious texts to fit their worldview. Therefore, they ignore God's commandment in the Hebrew Bible, "Thou shalt not kill," Jesus' instructions to "Judge not lest ye be judged," in favor of jumping on a plane with a bomb to kill innocents or advocating murder from pulpits.

Religious extremism should be considered a mental health issue.

Obviously since HIV/AIDS is not just a "gay disease," heterosexuals in Uganda could be put to death as well. There is no black and white in sexuality so Ugandans need to wake up to how these laws can be abused to hurt all Ugandans.

That said, I hope the International Criminal Court is paying attention to Ssempa for crimes against humanity.

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