Saturday, January 16, 2010

Have you heard?

They are big, they are bad, they are ugly.

Gay Ugandans.

Hey, here is one that identifies him/herself as a Ugandan. Was in a comment on this post here.
I'm Ugandan I hate to see gay and lesbienism brought into our country I fear being raped by a couple of guys. The situation is scarely let's not even think about the west we should just pass this bill as it is, I don't care if Lose the aid money it's nothing any way.
Wow! big, bad, horrible gay Ugandans.

Woweeeeeeeeee! They are on a rape rampage. Oh, oh, oh...!

Pity the weak common Ugandans. Save him/her from the export of 'gayism' from the west. Pass the Bahati Bill?

Eh, the iniquities of gay Ugandans dont stop there. Apparently, these gay people are so rich and powerful, they might have sent some money onto the account of one of the Opposition political parties in Uganda. Yes, you guessed. The money is to make sure that these politicians fight for gay rights (err, wrongs.) Here is the article from the Monitor.
Ms Betty Nambooze, DP spokesperson told Saturday Monitor that they want the account blocked until they establish the source of the money.
Suspicious money
“This is one of the issues that were resolved in the illegal NEC meeting that was held last year. They said they are opening a new account yet the party treasurer is not aware of it. Why open a new account when the party already has an account?” she said.
Ms Nambooze said the money on the account could be from the gay community.
Now, for me I am pretty sure that the money on that account is from the Gay Community. Like from me. So, will they return it to me? ASAP! Why not? Gay money is bad money. Even the opposition in Uganda finds it very disturbing to have un anounced gay money on their account.

Just to remind you, the Minister of Ethics and Integrity announced that I was supposed to share, with two others, 20 Million US Dollars. No. I will not repeat it.

Maybe the money on the DP account is supposed to be mine. So, they should return it to my account, which is currently in the red, impatiently waiting for its share of the 20 Million USD.

Someone do tell the DP that the money is gay, please? I am waiting, impatiently....!

Meanwhile, while I expected the whole world to know about the 'Kill the Gay Bill', I found a visitor to Uganda who didnt know about it. Yes. That is a fact. It was Italy's Foreign Minister. Here is the report.
When asked about Italy’s opinion about the controversial anti-gay bill, he said that he is not aware about it.
After being told by Uganda’s foreign minister Sam Kutesa that it is not a government bill but a private members bill to be discussed in parliament, he said Italy will wait for the outcome of the bill’s discussions before making any comments.

Now, after going to all that length to give you all the details, how come one single person doesnt know about the dastardly bill? If you dont know, here is the text. Just click!

I love the way politicians lie. Cool and collected. Without blinking. I dont know about it. It is not mine. Yeah....!

Just cant help to compare with this one. No. this is no comparison.

We are gay. So we are bad. And, so help us the gods when our good African brothers and sisters get us.

A trial involving Malawi’s first married gay couple was adjourned today after one of the accused collapsed in court and was subjected to homophobic abuse from the public gallery.  Tiwonge Chimbalanga, who has spent more than a week in one of the country’s most congested prisons, vomited and stumbled onto the dusty court floor just before the case was due to start.

As he lay on the ground he was jeered by members of the public who had crowded in to watch what has become a cause célèbre and a test case for gay rights in the African nation.

“Auntie Tiwo ali ndi mimba” — or "Auntie Tiwo is pregnant" — people said.

With no one to assist him, Mr Chimbalanga, 20, dressed with a traditional dotted red and yellow striped wrapper around his waist and a red top, finally managed to stand and was allowed to leave to clean himself up.

A few minutes later he re-emerged with a mop and a pail to clean the vomit from the court floor — a chore that women in Africa typically have to perform even when they are sick.

Mr Chimbalanga and his partner Steve Monjeza, 26, have been charged with unnatural practices between men and gross public indecency because they were “married” in a gay civil ceremony.

Nyakwawa Usiwausiwa, chief resident magistrate at the court in Blantyre, ordered that Mr Chimbalanga be taken to hospital for treatment. His lawyers told the packed court that he has severe malaria and needed more time to rest before the case could resume. It was adjourned until January 25.

In the past two weeks there has been growing animosity in Malawi towards the couple. A judge last week denied them bail for their own protection.
We are denied bail, to stay in very congested prisons. And the excuse? 'For our own protection.'

Have a good evening.



Eduardo Guize said...

Not surprised people dropping hateful anonymous comments on your blog can't spell (lesbienism?). A little amused at the fact that they "fear being raped by a couple guys". Not just one, a couple, right? Come on, don't be greedy.

Keep the fight, Gay Ugandan.

spiralx said...


Earth to Betty Nam-boozy!

Reality check, please!

Planet Earth calling Betty on Cloud Nine!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, you make perfect sense, GUG. It's the rest of Uganda that's insane! Fortunately, you have a fair amount of support in English-speaking Europe and North America.

I'm not there, and I don't have any special knowledge, but it's obvious that your life and liberty are in danger. You must be thoroughly prepared to quickly hide and leave the country. You can seek refugee status if your life is in danger.

Keep blogging, GUG, please, as long as you can do so safely.

Truth and Righteousness are on your side.

Anonymous said...

All this is so...

Keep the fight. Please, do take care as you may. Keep heart. France is supporting too.

unused said...

your "friend" Ssempa is still at it. letter to Rick Warren....remember him?

gayuganda said...

Thanks all.

Icearc, that is the old letter. Seems the virtue people have just got it. That is the worst named site that I have ever seen. Their virtues are my vices....!

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