Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Light of Day

The light of day does disperse darkness. Martin Ssempa, Minister Nsaba-Buturo have for a long time been saying things about us gay people in Uganda. They go outside the country, and they are all sweetness and honey.
But, inside the country, their venom and malice against gay Ugandans spills over.

We think of these things they say as ‘normal’. Homosexuals are immoral, evil, imported, foreign, etc etc. Ssempa regularly spits. Yes, you have got me right. He SPITS on television, showing his disgust for homosexuals and homosexuality.

But his friends are not amused by his venom.

Remember, these people are actually Christians. Ssempa doesn’t associate with homosexuals outside the country. Not at all. Simply put, his Christian friends find him un-Christian in his behaviour at home, in Uganda. Remember the Rick Warren video? Or the text here. The bill, this bill here (text) is un-Christian. But Ssempa supports it with all his might. And, he wanted a biblical apology before 7 days were out. I dont know what happened when that didnt happen.

It is not new. It is just that, what he does at home cannot stand the light of day. Funny, what I am as a homosexual can stand the light of day.

Here is a statement from his friends at WAIT training. It is current.6 January 2010 
WAIT Training does not affiliate, endorse, associate or partner with anyone seeking to hurt or wound others. Our goals are to impart skills to help ALL individuals have healthy relationships, to LIVE WELL,  LOVE WELL and if they choose, to MARRY WELL.
Recent developments in Uganda and around the world associated with Martin Ssempa have caused us to sever all former associations with him.
We have requested he remove all wording on his web site that references our organization. If there are any questions about this, please call Joneen Mackenzie RN, President / Founder of WAIT Training at 720 488 8888 ext 201
Come to think of it, it is Christians in the US who are actually leading the backlash against Ssempa and friends.

I agree with this assessment from another blog. Gay America Blog.
Christianity needs to get back to serving the marginalized and out of the business of attempting to control others' sexual orientation.
See, I am no Christian. But, for some reason that eludes me, I still believe that, overall, human beings are good. Of course not when they are baying for my blood. But, they are good.

I actually like Nsaba-Buturo. The minister.
His venom, his rhetoric is heart felt. I have no reason to doubt that he hates me, and believes that I am evil. He doesn’t pull his words. Not with homosexuals. He is very, very candid. ‘There are no human rights for homosexuals”, ‘Homosexuals can forget about human rights”, "Killing them might not help,"
Minister Buturo’s priorities for the 2010 are very clear. He is going to fight homosexuality, ritual murderers and other evil doers. He appeals to the government to report homosexuals and murderers to the police. Here is the link.

He says the government wants to curb witchcraft, embezzlement, drug abuse, homosexuality and pornography in 2010.
Buturo says the government will support Parliament to pass tougher laws to curtail ritual murders and homosexuality.
Dr. Buturo in a statement today appealed to members of the public to report homosexuals and murderers to police.

Homosexuals. We are mentioned in the same breath as murderers. And, notice that we are mentioned all the time. We are the most clear and present danger.

Just saw a comment on Pam’s House blend. Someone says that, in spirit with the Ugandan law, we should have a death penalty for ‘aggravated stupidity’. 
I would have said amen to that, but, I was laughing too hard to type.

I don’t know how I feel about the aid lever.
Hell, I do know. Use it, please. I am ambivalent because I know it can hurt. Threats of sanctions should always be concrete. Applicable. Soft power needs to be able to turn into concrete action. I am sad that it has to occur on my behalf. Unlike Ssempa, I don’t believe that Ugandans people with HIV and women receiving desperately needed medical attention should rather die than Uganda be throttled in its ‘sovereign’ will to kill off some of its citizens. Because they are different. What I do know is that, it cannot stop here. Today, it will be homosexuals. Me, and others. Tomorrow, there will be another group. And, we ARE members of an international community. With duties and obligations to OUR citizens.

Now, I will have to find out how many of my friends, and people who know that I am gay are going to take to heart the New Year’s Resolution to report me to the police for my sexuality.



PS. The guys at Box Turtle Bulletin? They continue to have some very good intelligence out of Uganda. Want to know what the three musketeers were doing in Uganda? Here is the link. There is video, thank you very much. All so that you are not mistaken...! I mean, make up your mind about the Third day of the Anti-Gay crusade, when Scott Lively was talking. The images have been preserved, for your assesment.


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spiralx said...

C'mon - "I like Buturo"? He's one of those opinionated twits who think they know it all. You can't like someone for whom you have no respect.

They're the ones in infant school who flick their hands in the air every time the teacher asks a question. They may be bright, but really they just like the attention.

You can see them sit around eating their lunch on their own outside 'cos no-one really likes them enough to be their friend.

Sometimes I think we learned all we needed to know in infant school...

Leonard said...

All though there are many of the anti-Homosexuality hate-mongering gang that truly do need a Great Big Bloodred STAR for trashing and lieing about their fellow human beings on their homework papers...there is butt only one that may need to find himself to some urgent psychiatric help....The Honorable David Bahati is truly a sick man amongst far-out filth image makers like Scott Lively (deadly) and ¨poisoness¨ +Henry Orombi...they best all REPENT or cover-up the mess they´ve made fast before before they must RESIGN.

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