Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am no angel.

But, I will take exception to being labeled a devil. For I am not. Just human, that is what I am. A human being. Different of course. Gay. A gay Ugandan. But just human.

A very lovely day is open.
Woke in the arms of my lover. Held him close, savouring the heat, warmth; the closeness, feeling him body to body, skin to skin. Fact, it is amazing that love between two human beings can be characterized as evil. Simple reason that I will continue protesting, even when the hangman’s noose is tightening. I am not evil. Neither is my love, our love. Neither is our pleasure. We are a couple of humans that happen to be different. And, for that difference, our country mates think us the cusp of evil.

Now, a roundup.

Is this the time to appoint an avowed homophobe to be the ambassador to Uganda? Some think not. While others dispute the homophobe label.
I am kind of amused by politics. If one says that the sun is hot, someone will either ask for proof of that statement, or will just say, the sun is COLD. It is as if merely stating a lie out boldly makes it truth. Like Ssempa.
But maybe I should not be amazed. It does work. People out there are not into researching, finding facts, cross checking. And, people are not ashamed of writing and saying lies even when they know there are lies. Even professional religion people- Christians, Moslems. As long as they support their own particular bit of the agenda. I hope I haven’t yet lost that naivety and sense of incredulity. Well, I am an old African village boy. I will preserve a few of my ideals!

But, of course Pastor Ssempa disagrees. Vociferously!
Here is his article, and he goes ahead to offer President Zuma some threats. The guy does think lots of himself!
Statement from Pastor Martin Ssempa and the Family Policy and Human Rights Centre to President Jacob Zuma not to jeopardise Uganda/South African relations by cancelling Mr. Jon Qwelane as Envoy to Uganda. 
He has formed another group now? Gosh, the guy is prolific...
And, have you noted something? This itinerant preacher, unelected, but undoubtedly charismatic and... (low in brains????) is actually stating that he determines Uganda's foreign policy. Well, seems there has been a gap. He has been doing a stellar job, and so, maybe the Emperor will so appoint him!
We would like to support your wise decision to send Mr. Jon Qwelane as South African envoy to Uganda and request that you do not listen to the homosexual extremists who are demanding that you disqualify him, and rather send an extreme homosexual propagandist. We have also learnt that because of Mr. Jon Qwelane views which are strong on traditional marriage, and who does not put sodomy as a major pillar of his foreign policy agenda, homosexual groups are demanding that you cancel his appointment.
What happened to 'sodomites'?
We would like to say that Mr. Jon Qwelane views of understanding the importance of a traditional family are in tandem with Uganda’s society where sodomy is a crime against the order of nature. This is due to our national values contained in the legal, religious, cultural and natural beliefs. South Africa needs an evoy who understands Uganda’s societal views, and does not place the expansion of sodomy as the top agenda of his foreign policy. Therefore the  cancelling of Mr. Jon Qwelane appointment due to  pressure of homosexuals in South Africa threatens the delicate and good relationships between Uganda and South Africa.
I am not very sure that Mr. Jon Qwelane does appreciate the recommendation. But then, life means one cannot control the mouth, and brains, of other people...!
We take this letter to remind you  that South Africa has vast strategic economic interests in Uganda in the areas of communications, energy, banking, food and mineral sectors. These include household names such as MTN, Eskom, Stanbic, Nandos, and many others. The de-selection of Mr. Jon Qwelane and sending to Uganda someone who pleases the homosexual groups in South Africa threatens the good social standing of these companies in light of our nations values. You need to carefully weigh what is South Africa’s strategic interest in our nation and region. Is it business or sodomy?
Told you. Foreign policy dictated by Ssempa and Co. This guy would do good in a theocracy. Iran?
Cancelling Mr. Jon Qwelane appointment and sending someone else due to the pressure of the homosexuals will trigger a widespread civil society protest which stands to affect the South African businesses in Uganda. This may incude the boycotting of your businesses as a means of sending our message across. A recent national survey showed that more than 95 percent of Ugandans are opposed to sodomy. Mr. President you have been to Uganda and understand our deeply cherished culture on the tradional family which is why you have proposed Mr. Jon Qwelane as the envoy to Uganda. We ask that you continue with your wise and prudent appointment of Mr. Jon Qwelane as the envoy to Uganda.
 Ahem, ahem. Maybe I should note that the Independent published the article, (I wonder why? ) on its blog, and immediately disclaimed the views expressed in the article!

Does AGOA really matter?
It is the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act, and it was once championed by Museveni. Now, it is not such a big dollar earner. Wonder whether Museveni would sacrifice it? It might not be the money. It might be the prestige, which does matter a lot to our President.
Personally, I am not sure. But, here is the article in the Independent.
I mentioned Anand Grover before. An independent UN expert giving some sage advice to Uganda. I didn’t know that actually the guy is THE UN Special Rappoteur on Health.
Come to think of it, lots of health officials have spoken out against this bill. The text is here if you would like it.
It is a horrible piece of legislation.
Fact. It is. And, it is truly universal in outreach. It is not only the homosexuals who are affected. [Death and life time imprisonment is what they suffer], but the priests suffer, so do the doctors, and so does HIV care and prevention. Of course it is a human rights violation. But, as Minister Nsaba Buturo says, ‘Homosexuals can forget about Human Rights.’ But, you see, Ugandans are so hell bent on killing away their homosexuals and ridding Uganda of this ‘evil’ that, none of this counts. What is important is that they are killed. That Uganda is a leader.
“Lessons from the last 30 years of the HIV epidemic have shown us that recognition of the rights of people with different sexual identities is a necessary component for a successful HIV and health response,” stressed the UN expert.
“In many countries where sex between men is not criminalized and where stigma and discrimination have been reduced, men who have sex with men are more likely to take up HIV prevention, care and support and treatment services,” he added.
“I urge the Ugandan Parliament to build on its past successes in responding to HIV and to refrain from passing this Bill,” said Grover, while strongly supporting the President and other members of the Government in their attempts to prevent the initiative of some members of the Parliament that the bill becoming law.
He said: “Uganda is in the great danger of taking a step backwards – away from realizing human rights for its people and away from an effective, evidence and rights-based HIV response.”

I did say something about a high school in Oregon, called Southridge High School that did go ahead to hold a march on our behalf. On behalf of the Kuchus of Uganda, in the name of a common humanity.
Here are some photos. 

Yes, for some people, including me, we still believe in a common humanity. In  love instead of hate. In being together even when we are different. We are together even if we are so abundantly different. Again, I salute you, Southridge High School.
I did want some more details on what happened in Washington DC, at a Congressional hearing about the bill in Uganda. Here is a pic from the Metro Weekly.

and, the story. Julius Kaggwa represented us.

He actually says that the pressure that is being metted out can be counter productive.

Hey, don’t you be stopped by that. Actually, my logic is that of a soldier. We are at war, and, firing your gun will have bad effects on you. You will be wreathed in the fumes. The missile might not hit the right target. Or, it might be off target by a few meters.

But, to me that is no excuse or hinderance to firing the gun. Be serious. If you don’t fire your gun, if you don’t pull the trigger, your enemy is going to kill you. It is as simple as that. There is a time to worry about consequences. That is when you are relaxed, and the strain of battle is off and the adrenaline is down, and you can do it. Not when you are in the heat of battle.

Push. And be unrelenting in the push.

If we had been finicky in calling out for world attention to this bill,[text here] it would have been law already. Actually, we have nothing to lose. And, I am not ashamed to say that, when it is my country people, Ugandans who are acting this stupid. [Don’t make me repeat it], then forget about their fake nationalism.

27th will fume and rage. I called him a coward. I know it shut him up. Well, brother, would it have been better to call you stupid? I know you are not, so I will not. (But, of course I have a riposte to your question of how are you a coward. Will reserve it!) But, I will still call you a coward, and tell you, expect my call from the grave, and expect more naked speech from me. 
Ugandans are acting stupid. Time we styled up and came to our senses. And, stop holding to the false drapes of ‘sovereignty’ and ‘nationalism’. Those clothes are too old, the excuses too worn out. Style up and face the facts that you do live in a community of adults.

If you don’t want to, then face the damn consequences. Period.

Hey, before I was derailed by my rant, I was saying that, the US guys should be aware that of course there is a pushback to the pressure they are exerting. Of course there is. And, guys like Ssempa and Buturo are gleefully using that as a ‘you see’ moment. Fine. Let them do it. Because it is simply what is expected.
But that shouldn’t stop you from pulling across your opinion, and pushing back. Stupid acts as stupid does. And, Ugandans are acting stupid. Leaning back and being accommodating is not going to have any effects, especially in solving our ‘stupid’ problem.

Now, I am being too naked and ugly and tough. But, we do need an adult around….! Though after reading the above, I doubt you will agree that I do qualify, do you?

I am a gay pervert after all. The country, my country plans to imprison me and kill me. And of course, like a sheep, I am not to bleet as the slit my throat. Because that will be unpatriotic.

Well, to damn hell with that false logic.

Got my point across, have I? In very unpolitic language. Definitely not politically correct. It is a waste of some necessary resources. Ahem!

Have a great day.


PS. I really love the way Ssempa's poop fetishesm is working out. Guess the guy really needs to read the articles himself. Far as I can see, google Ssempa and poop. You may be suprised at what you find.... ha ha ha ha ha!
Ssempa, you are deservedly famous. Very!


spiralx said...

...and I 'm just gonna point out - yet again! - that what "Stinky" Ssempa is parading around is NOT your average gay porn.

But a minority, extreme fetish, which he would have had to go looking for to download.

Cobus Fourie said...

Well sorry for Mr wannabe pastor Ssempa - I am a South African citizen on the board of an organisation which strongly opposes the Ugandan Gay Genocide Bill and the appointment of the virulent homophobe Jon Qwelane as envoy to Uganda.

I already emailed the very helpful office of Director General - Department International Relations and Cooperation (formerly Foreign Affairs)... Said body already affirmed the values of equality as contained in the SA Constitution to me in an email just today.

I also emailed investor relations of the MTN Group and I would very much like to hear what they say to the media.

Jean-Paul, Canada said...

Dear Gug,

You said: "It is not only the homosexuals who are affected." This is true because...

"No person is an island,
Entire of itself;
Everyone is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.

If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe (Africa) is the less...
Any individual's death diminishes me,
Because I am involved in humankind,

And therefore never send to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee"

-John Donne
'Devotion 17'

gayuganda said...

Thanks JP,

indeed, no man is an island.

The 27th Comrade said...

And may I also note that it is a bit surprising for Pr. Ssempa to feel the need to show gay porn? Perhaps in reaction to people saying "Eh, homosexuals don't kill. Go after those who break Thou shalt not kill[1]."

And he felt the need to polarise people further and agitate and extremise.
And what hours he must have spent looking for gay porn! This righteous mission of his, did it yield any girls, by some chance? Ah, I know why he didn't produce lesbian pictures (to my knowledge): he, like me, likes him a good pair (or more) of girls going at it. And, of course, he had to find something that is repulsive, lest the whole mission become a failure.
In there lies his tacit admission that at least:

1. He can stand to look at pages and pages of gay porn, even to keep extreme samples on his laptop. Now, I know I can't pull that off myself for simple primal revulsion alone. Perhaps he was strengthened by the righteousness of his mission.

2. He likes lesbians. (Even though he denies it, of course.)

Now, on your latest salvo, GUG, I shall have no answer. As of late, I'm preparing a response to other things that are related and are as important. After all, I realise, showing down with you on a few issues won't go far for the causes of any of us. The real arena is elsewhere.

[1] I wonder if he would hesitate to condemn a homo-murdering vigilante. Sadly, I think he would. Some, like you, GUG, would even say he is this self-same vigilante. But let's not digress.

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