Monday, January 18, 2010

Do You think David Bahati should go to US?

Well, as a Ugandan, I did state that I cant offer one opinion or another.

It is not my country. It is not me who has invited him. And, I am not paying for the trip. But, certainly, someone has. And, they do want him in the US.

Do you think the author and main Sponsor of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill of the Parliament of Uganda, David Bahati should go to the United States?

Want to read the Bill? It is here. Its aim is genocidal 'Elimination of Homosexuality' from Uganda. It is indeed an ambitious and lofty goal.

If you dont want David Bahati to enter the United States, you can send a petition to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about this.

Click on this link, here.

And, to end my hypocrisy, I give you a smooch and a hug, after you sign that petition.

Again, the link is HERE.




Anonymous said...

Why wouldnt you want him to go to the U.S? Forgotten that there is freedom of movement irrespective of what anyone thinks? Just as you want to be respected, respect others too. Maybe you should be the bigger person here and delete the link. Who knows, maybe his mind might be changed when he goes to a country that is not homophobic........

gayuganda said...

Ha Anon,

You know, I live in a ruthless country. Why should I play by so called 'gentle rules'?

Bahati wants my life. Yes he does. Doesnt matter that he is doing it all so gentlemanly.

No. I will not act as the bigger person here. I am certainly not. So, I am not going to lie myself that I am.

I want Bahati to understand that I hurt. And, in my hurt, I can hurt back. Visciously, and as cruely as he is doing it.

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