Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Extremist Christian Pastor...

Am I getting to useless rhetorical labelling? Am I doing what has been done before, which I think horrible, in no way good for life, and for debate?

I dont know. Because, on the other hand, I am faced with overwhelming evidence that I am dealing with a man with the calling of a Hitler.

I cry wolf very often. Unfortunately, most of the times it is warranted. I have known the antics of Ssempa for quite a while. I have been guilty of not exposing them as they should be too. I know, I have accused others of the same thing. But, I am also guilty of it. It is a case of the actual reality being worse than the report that comes of it.

And, I know my credibility comes into question. Am I really being truthful making out Ssempa as a radical, deranged man?

But, isnt he?

I can also be guilty of not seeing what is right before my nose.

Take this article, Martin Ssempa's World, which I dissected here. I, and many other Ugandans have been seeing this happening on a daily basis for about a year or so. But, he is a valued member of society. His opinion is asked on everything from HIV to the economy of the country, Uganda. He is charismatic, and, his power is noted.

Here is what one group labels him.
a fanatical,extremist and radical evangelical "christian" 
They certainly dont like him. Like me. But, is their sight, their conclusions warranted? Again, his Christian credentials are questioned. Again, it is pointed out that what the guy is doing is not Christian. Like the bill (text here) which he supported, and still supports and wants to ram through parliament. Rick Warren was sincere in his condemnation. At least, that is what I thought. The bill is 'un-Christian'. But, it is so vigorously promoted by the Christians of Uganda, led by Pastor Ssempa that it the definition of Christian now includes supporting the anti-Homosexuality bill.
There is something distinctly un-Christian about Ssempa's lengthy tirade, whether it is the pronounced lack of compassion or the clever way he manipulates the argument
 That is what the reporter notes. He is un-confortable with what is happening. Yet, they have prayed, they are calling on a god to do things which they all believe is Christian. In fact they have all prayed and gone on to Amens. Let it be so. In the name of Christ.

Hey, Ssempa is waxing strong. Seems as if any setback just re-energises him! This time, he seems determined to take on Museveni. At least that is what I see it as.

International condemnation of Uganda over a domestic anti-homosexuality effort has sparked a nationalist backlash that could make the lives of gays even more precarious.
President Museveni’s opposition to the 2009 Anti-Homosexuality Bill, expressed last week in a speech in which he noted that Uganda’s foreign policy was being undermined by anti-gay efforts at home, poured cold water on Ndorwa West MP David Bahati’s work, but it may have energised some activists who want gays punished severely. They see gaps in Mr Museveni’s reason for distancing himself from Mr Bahati.
 Pastor Martin Ssempa, who supports the death penalty for gay sex, announced that he would mobilise at least a million Ugandans for a demonstration, scheduled for February 17 in Kampala, to emphasise the strength of the anti-homosexuality wave. Multah Bukenya, a Tabliq cleric, has also renewed his threat to form squads that would hunt gays.
Hey, hey. STOP. Squads to hunt gays? Have heard that before. And, this is part of Ssempa's coalition. Tabliq anti-gay squads. The Tablics are Uganda's equivalent of the Talibans. And, they have made that threat before. Here is the post I made. And, this is what I commented then.

Muslim youth belonging to the Tabliq movement in Uganda have confirmed they plan to set up 'Anti-Gay Squads' to fight homosexuality.
This is something that worries me more than all the threats from Nsaba Buturo and Ssempa. Mob justice. The anger of the mob stirred up to action. Vigilantes
Lets go back to the Monitor article today.

The efforts of such activists, along with the agitation of lawmakers who are outraged that Mr Museveni backed down under pressure, are geared towards making the Ugandan leader understand that he made the wrong call.
Uganda is a sovereign country, and we don’t need any lectures from the US,” said Buliisa MP Steven Mukitale, who chairs the Committee on National Economy.
 Yes. There is danger ahead of us.

Ms Val Kalende, the lesbian woman who recently gave Saturday Monitor a personal account of her predicament, said she was being forced to find another house. “I see anger, mob action along the way,” Ms Kalende said yesterday.
 Hey, Ssempa has formed another association. The National Taskforce against Sodomy. And, its first press release, putting pressure on President Museveni. Here are highlights of the press release, which you will find here.

·The National Taskforce Against Sodomy encourages President Museveni not to be intimidated by Sodomites of America and Europe.
·Announces a one million Africans march for February 17th and a nationwide signature petition.
·Counter responds to US trade secretary threat of no sodomy, no trade.
·Announces June 4-7th Global conference on Sexual Climate and Family/Population sustainability.
·Calls on Ministry of Education to phase out single sex schools to create gender balanced educational learning environments.
Typical Ssempa. But, you need to read the whole press statement. Again, the author is Ssempa, or at least the person behind the words.


Princess said...

You know, Ssempa is cute, if nothing else. :)

gayuganda said...


spiralx said...

There are plenty of cute boys who are leading criminals, Princess. In Africa, we grow up knowing them, seeing them all around. You must have, too!

Another reason why physical beauty is not always to be trusted.

Sigh. Normally at this point the Police Commissioner would weigh in and issue a statement saying that any kind of mob or vigilante action is outside the law, and will be cracked down on.

Because it is. Criminal behaviour. Ssempa is at heart lawless (or rather, he believes God gives him the divine right to re-write the laws).

Not really so different from Amin's "hotline to God", is it. And we all know where that led...


I have only today discovered your site. Foremost, I want you to know that there is great concern here in the U.S. for the safety of gay Ugandans. The news of your jeopardy reaches a wider audience every day. Even more importantly, there is substantial concern in the international community. I am confident that the proposed bill will not pass in its current form. Many feel that its passage will be the cause of unjust accusations to intimidate Ugandans in other political matters. Neither do we feel it represents Jesus Christ. We have these same religious interests in the U.S. But we have nothing like this proposal. And we have many tens of thousands of gays who live openly and publicly without any of the problems we read are alleged in Uganda. Please, be well and be safe.

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