Friday, January 8, 2010

Two parts to the War

I recognize two distinct parts to this war on the Anti-Homosexuality bill.

In Uganda, I am fighting for the bill not to be made law. To me, it is simply a bad piece of legislation that poses threat to my freedom and life. In the US, in America, they are deeply examining the role of their countrymen. The three musketeers. Scott Lively, Scott and Caleb lee Brundibge.

There is, of course also the wider examination of what is true Christianity. It is being covertly fought, that battle. I am no Christian. So, I will not comment on that, which is distinctly not my battle. Of course, here and there, I will impatiently call upon Christians to come out and reclaim the essence of Christianity. That works for me. But, it is not my war, that. Though I would pray, please, dont be complacent.

But, I am being asked to comment about the role of the three American missionaries. Maybe some people would expect me to be outraged at this act of cultural ‘empirialism’, ‘neocolonialism’ and all the other isms that cloud the issue and stop logical thinking.

The part of the battle that I know best is the Ugandan one. I know what I want. I want, with immediacy, for the  bill, (text here) to be withdrawn. It is an immediate threat to my life and liberty. I know the likes of Ssempa and Buturo do know who I am. They are just waiting for the justification of the bill becoming law to begin the official crackdown on me and mine. That is what I believe.

I don’t want it modified. I don’t want it ‘watered down’. I know, and have read the bill. It serves nothing except persecution of what I am, what I can do.

For the American part, the ‘cultural war’ thing that I am being asked to comment about… I am no communist like 27th Comrade, foaming and ranting about neocolonialism. Maybe I am more mature than him and have realized that the world is never, ever fair. And, we have to live reality as it is. And, he is not gay in Uganda, though he is a Ugandan living in Uganda. My lessons in reality have been much more harsh than his have been.

So, what should I comment about the three Americans? Why should I? They came, they did what they did. And, my countrymen carried it from there. So, I will acknowledge that my countrymen were naïve, stupid and impressionable. And, that they continue to be. It is not enough to choose and embrace the usual excuses. I know that. They should know that.

Should I forgive Don Schmierer of Exodus International who says he was duped?

I have no sin of him to forgive. I will let his countrymen and women do the judging. I will accuse my countrymen of being children not to examine what Schmierer was saying. I will also warn him not to take the ideals of the US to another country so simplistically. He may have meant well. But, we hurt.

Here is an interview of him. , from FOX40.

Don Schmierer wants to set the record straight that he's not in support of killing gays.
"I'm being accused of the absolute opposite of what I believe and teach. That's a slap in the face."
His problem started after speaking at a conference in Uganda back in March.
He says he thought he was preaching about open communication in parenting.
But now that his inbox is being flooded with hate-mail he says it's all a misunderstanding.
"I'm trying to help people understand the differences and how to communicate and how to listen to each other."
Schmierer says he got lumped with other speakers from the conference who may support the executing of gays.
"I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and I got sucked into something that was not my intent."
He says...."They should never do that. It's funny that they don't do something with heteorsexuals too. Why are they picking on gay people?
Actually, he doesnt lack defenders. Like this one, though the guy himself acknowledges that something did go wrong in the visit to Uganda

 Scott Lively, it is harder to say that I dont mind him. The guy is an unrepentant bigot. And worse. He is like Ssempa. With a deep seated need to hurt gay people. He continues to want to do exactly that. What he came to do in Uganda he has been doing the same in his own country. Again, it is his people to judge him.

Here is an article about what he has been doing.

And the Bee picked up on the fact that Scott Lively (pictured right) lived in Citrus Heights for a while five years ago. But the real local connection for Lively is his connection to the most aggressively anti-gay wing of Sacramento-area Slavic evangelicals, who have often run into head-on conflict with local GLBTQ people.
Lively’s book, The Pink Swastika, which blames gay people for the Holocaust (an incredibly malignant lie) has been translated into a Russian-language edition and widely disseminated locally. That means that a number of Eastern European immigrants, some of whom still carry trauma from Nazi atrocities in Eastern Europe, have been led to believe that gay people are responsible for it.
Further, Lively has become heavily involved with a group based in Latvia called "Watchmen on the Walls.” Two local men, Wade Kusak (also known as Vlad Kusakin, at the far left in this photo of the group’s founders at their Seattle conference) and George Nemerov, are local leaders in that group.
Among other things, Lively told a Watchmen on the Walls conference in Novosibirsk, Russia, that Satendar Singh wasn’t hit and killed; he got drunk and fell down–and that Russian Christians were being wrongly accused of his death (video here).
If you don’t have the patience to listen to his entire speech, this is what Lively said about Sacramento and Satendar Singh:
    Now, I’ve been working with the Russian community in Sacramento. And I want to tell you this is an example of how bad things are in the United States. Because we’ve come to a place in the United States where the homosexuals have achieved very high power. And they’ve begun to punish… They’ve begun to cause the political powers to punish anyone who says that homosexuality is wrong.
    There was a situation in Sacramento a few weeks ago in a public park. There was a group of homosexuals and they were very drunk and one of the homosexual men was taking off his pants. And there were children in the park. And a Russian man went over to these homosexuals and he was rebuking them and there started a fight. And the Russian man punched the homosexual. [The audience starts to shout and applaud.] No, no, no, don’t… The man was very drunk… the homosexual was very drunk. He was very drunk and he fell down and he hit his head and he died. [Some in the audience start to applaud and laugh] No…. no…

    Now the Russian man has been accused of murder and the FBI is seeking him. And all of the powers in Sacramento have been accusing all of the Russian community of being murderers. And the goal is to silence everyone who speaks against homosexuality. And this is a very dangerous situation because we don’t want homosexuals to be killed. We want them to be saved. Amen?
 It is simply matter of fact that to Scott Lively, the gay person is a non-human being. Simple as that. But, for me to, err, judge him? His people, those will judge him.
Caleb lee Brundidge has not been making any statements. His boss, Richard Cohen has been capitalising on his fame to sell a sales pitch. To make money.
In Uganda, his most crucial acoylyte, Stephen Langa continues to promote his books and sell them, and of course, he is advocating for 'healing' instead of death. He is a quack. And, I hoped to say that when we talked, on BBC.
But, he is an interesting quack. He should be retiring and hiding, but comes out brazenly to self promote, even in this. Very interesting people, some Americans.



Erik said...

There are high school students here in Oregon who are demonstrating against Uganda's hate bill:

Ann Garrison said...

GayUganda, you know I'm totally behind you against the bill, writing from faraway San Francisco, California, but I have to question this statement:

"I am no communist like 27th Comrade foaming and ranting about neocolonialism. Maybe I am more mature than him and have realized that the world is never, ever fair. And, we have to live reality as it is."

To understand this I might need the link to "27th comrade," which is coming up "not found," but my first reaction is that "The Family" of American polticians, including U.S. Senators, are all about neocolonialism. Some of them, along with liberal politicians, including Barack Obama, and Stephen Harper and Gordon Brown, will make politically necessary statements against the bill but ultimately they're a lot more concerned with all the oil on the Uganda/Congo border, and the Ugandan Army's service in neocolonial interest than they are about gay rights. If the bill passes, they'll say something like "we can have more influence by maintaing our relationship with Uganda than by severing ties." Harper and Brown championed Rwanda's Commonwealth application even though they knew damn well that Rwanda's probably as harsh on LGBT people as Uganda.

And, "reality as it is" includes both neocolonial genocide and the death penalty for gay people in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mauritania, and more.

However, as I said, I may not fully understand your point because "comrade 27"'s link comes up unfound. If his point is that homosexuality is a form of neocolonialism, fuck him. Note that Dean Johnson includes "Third World genocide" on his list of "FUCK YOUs" on that hot Youtube I sent you earlier. Not just gay genocide, Third World genocide.

gayuganda said...

Hi Ann,

27th Comrade would really, really love you. going to have some very interesting conversations with him... He believes that all help from the west is neocolonialism, so he will not help me until I drop help from the west. I told him I will give him a call from beyond the grave...!

Here is the link to his rant.

And, I will correct that broken link.

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