Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ssempa Antics....

This is where they fell flat.
Well, he had a 'tender' audience. American. A very tender audience. Did my MP, Beti Kamya engineer that? Ha ha ha ha! My conspiracy theory. They keep me amused.

Anti-gay meeting flops
By Rodney Muhumuza  
Posted Saturday, January 23 2010 at 00:00
Pastor Martin Ssempa on Tuesday plumbed the depths of notoriety when he offered graphic images of gay sex as proof of the need for tough penalties against homosexuals.
Pastor Martin Ssempa on Tuesday plumbed the depths of notoriety when he offered graphic images of gay sex as proof of the need for tough penalties against homosexuals.
But midway through his presentation, saved on a computer, most of his audience walked out, some visibly disturbed, leaving him to wonder if he had done anything wrong. The cleric seemed genuinely rattled when he asked: “Why should I be traumatised?”
Sure, dear, Why should you?
One man, who was part of a group of American students invited to the press conference by Rubaga North MP Beti Kamya, was seen crying, his colleagues consoling him as the group left the National Theatre.
Tender audience indeed.
In the immediate aftermath of the presentation, which ended prematurely, Pastor Ssempa said he did not regret his actions.
What? Ssempa have any regrets? Joke of the day.
The press conference, the latest in a series of events he is holding in support of the 2009 Anti-Homosexuality Bill, had been called to unveil two Ugandans, a man and a woman, who say their homosexuality has been rehabilitated.
Former gays
“I am Paul Kagaba, and I am a former homosexual,” the man declared. The woman, Sandrah Baggotte, a 19-year-old mother who says she became gay when she was 16, offered her baby as proof of her new life, while Kagaba says he is now happily married to a woman.
Paul Kagaba again. Remember he lied that he was spokesman for dear gayuganda? I am into getting him somwhere to discuss with him the lies. It will be public, and, with media. 'Cause he tells too many lies.
The duo had been brought to validate Pastor Ssempa’s argument that homosexuality can be cured, that gays are recruiting actively,
Indeed. Indeed, indeed. Shades of Richard Cohen, etc
and that “David Bahati is a hero” for proposing tough legislation against gays. The room was decorated with colourful anti-gay posters, including one that said: “Bahati Bill Made in Uganda for Ugandans.” The cleric, who let his two young sons attend the press conference, said the boys were free to make their own statements against homosexuality. “They represent those we need to protect… We are giving a red card to sodomy.”
No comment there.
Pastor’s Ssempa’s latest conduct represents a profound attempt to keep the anti-gay debate alive after President Museveni expressed opposition to Ndorwa West MP Bahati’s proposal of death or life imprisonment for gay sex. Mr Museveni recently said Uganda’s foreign policy was being hurt by anti-gay efforts at home.
Seems interesting. That last analysis. Very.

I am keeping my ears open.



Jean-Paul, Canada said...

Rep. Tammy Baldwin (d-Wis), the only openly gay lesbian member of the American Congress.

I wouldn't call this American interference; it rather points to Uganda's interference in Equal human Rights For All members of humanity:

SGL Café.com said...

He let his two young sons watch gay porn as part of his hate-mongering. I can only imagine what effect that would have if one of them is wrestling with his sexuality.

And I can only imagine what effect it had on Ssempa as he compiled this porn on his computer.

spiralx said...

Exactly my thoughts!

O.M.G. He encourages 5 year olds to watch ... THAT STUFF.

There is currently a case in the UK attracting a lot of attention, where 2 (10 yrs; 11 yrs old) brothers were allowed to watch their father's violent porn videos.

Mother has seven, by the way, different fathers. he threatens her (in their presence) with cutting her up wth a knife.

They have just been remanded into indefinite custody for torturing 2 other young boys almost to death, including forcing them to strip naked and simulate sexual acts.

The heterosexual agenda. I did write to Ssempa warning him of the path he is following. But to drag children down into his darkness as well....

spiralx said...

Oh - and remember - what Ssempa is showing people is not normal gay porn, or gay anything, really.

He's spent a lot of time searching out an extreme fetish area, probably paying good money to download it, too.

Anonymous said...

What Ssempa did would be illegal in most countries - the screening of obscene material to a public audience, and the screening of sexual material to minors.

Seems like the person who Ugandan minors need most to be protected from is Ssempa himself.

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