Sunday, January 3, 2010

Round up of Sorts

The embarrassment of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda (text) is not about to stop dodging the perception of the country on the international scene. The international community is going to come out of the holidays determined to turn a new leaf for the new year, the new decade. But, Ssempa is planning a Million Person March on Kampala on 19th Jan. And, some people are suggesting that, why, as LGBT Ugandans cannot demonstrate, there will be another day of international protests against the bill. At Ugandan embassies abroad, of course. The date? Why not on the day that there is the Million Person March on Kampala?

Talk about embarassing. Have you seen this post? I was debunking the lie that I am such a threat to the Heterosexual (traditional) family in Uganda. And, I got across this summary of David Bahati's constituency. It is at Harry's Place. I would really love for anyone out there to prove these allegations wrong. Because, David Bahati believes that they are. The over riding fear, the over riding threat to Uganda, is homosexual me. But, here is what his constituents are like...

Now let’s focus on the author of the bill, MP David Bahati and his constituency of Ndorwa West. Ndorwa West hasn’t a single gay or lesbian person that David can point at. But it has under-the-tree classrooms, health centers without doctors, nurses and medicines. The majority or women have their babies in bushes. Poverty is 60% among the population. Many have migrated to neighboring Bunyoro. Once called the Switzerland of Africa, southwest Uganda is warming up fast and becoming arid because of overpopulation and poor farming conditions.
The desperation of people in this part of Uganda drove people into the hands of a fanatical religious sect. Nine hundred met their deaths in an inferno in a church in Kanungu back in 2000. Efforts to confirm whether David Bahati was a survivor or lost relatives in this inferno were fruitless.
Surprisingly the desperation of poor people in Ndorwa West doesn’t count to an MP who was elected by 90% of the population in his constituency so he can solve their problems. Having got into parliament, he instead decided to follow the fanatical and hate agenda of rightwing religious extremists in America, a trend matching an assessment of MPs performance by the Africa Leadership Institute.
While Bahati scored A and C in the plenary and committee assignments respectively, he only managed an E when it came to work in his own constituency. This rating (2007/08) was just a level before the worst (F) despite having a locality office with an assistant paid for by the taxpayer. MP Bahati failed to account for how he spent his Constituency Development Fund altogether!

Now, I have already invited MP Bahati to refute these allegations. I will post whatever he sends me. Oh, we are in contact, though he has not deemed it ok to reply as yet. I am still waiting. I have high hopes. this is a new year.

There is a neighbour friend. A guy, young man. I believe he knows that I am gay, but, he that doesnt stop him from coming and hanging around with me. My lover has warned me about him. Is not okay for the neighbours to really know what it is about us.... Or, at least to have confirmation.

But, there is also a flip side. If he doesnt mind, if he still wants to be a friend... Then, what the hell is bad about that? I am not going to 'recruit' him..... So, he comes and sees me writing the blog, and, he is curious enough to see what I am writing, and, I dont cover it up. Hell, it is MY home, and he is a guest. Course, I cant control what he does with the knowledge. But, trust is two way. I will trust him to understand that I am no ogre. And, hope that he takes that instead of when he is informed that I must be an ogre because I am gay.

Course, he can still hurt me if he talks without meaning to hurt, even. But then, that is life. A tight rope to walk.



Jean-Paul, Canada said...


Just a word to let you know how much we appreciated your comments at pinkNews. It may not seem like much to you, but we feel so helpless and information about your plight is so freely availble, especially on the BTB.

It seems to me that organizing demonstrations at Ugandan embassies on January 19 is an excellent idea.

Also, I will do the research if necessary, but do you know how many 'friendly' embassies are situated in Kampala or elsewhere in the country. I imagine if thousands of our gay brothers and sisters fill the courtyard of these embassies and knock down their doors, that the events will surely attract international attention, eh.

As you know, our first reaction was to tell all of you to leave the country alive while you can. Your comments have helped us to understand that things are not so simple, and that there ate new gays being born every day, there as elaswhere in the world. The idea od whiping homosexiuality off the face of the Earth is nothing short of ludicrous...and I sincerely hope that people like Richard Cohen come to his senses, as Rick Warren did, and renounce the ridiculous idea nurtured ny NARTH, which is nothing short of a business, and you know it.

Pop in to see us at Pink now and then, and keep up the good work.

Love you,
Jean-Paul Dugas

+JN1034 said...

Dearest One: Have you seen yesterday's The
New York Times
? Also, see TruthWinsOut.

+JN1034 said...

Please see the links on the New York Times' page, espceially
Four Ugandans, Four Points of View
. For you, these Western words are just that ... words. But raising awareness starts with a voice, even a small one, like a mouse. Then, in time, after tears and pain, that voice roars again like a lion.

gayuganda said...

JP, thanks.

+JN1034, I have seen it. Fairly accurate story. Saw the reporters here. Interesting that so many of us actually spoke very candidly.

I call it suicidal courage. But then, lots of us are feeling like so. We cant tell our story here, but, we would love to tell it. Especially with our countrymates demonising us so badly.

+JN1034 said...

"suicidal courage"

Like the mother who dares go through birthing in hopes of the living-safety of her baby and of her own health.

Suicidal or love?
Courage or necessity?

We are honoured to have met you (via blogs). You teach us each day about the brilliant light that shines in all human hearts, yet needs someone/community to stoke the faint embers and set it ablaze. History teaches: Human rights are always born of "suicidal courage" while the majority runs towards existential cowardice.

YOUR voice and story is loved by many.

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