Sunday, October 18, 2009

Round ups...

Yeah, am deluged with information and writing about the bill. The law to be. Cant get all the interesting articles, but can do a fair amount of picking and choosing...!

Box Turtle had posted the first draft of the bill here. And, getting the one that was tabled, he does a summary of the changes and what that law really means. You know, I tried to do the same thing. I am no lawyer. I read plain english and all I understood was that I would die. In prison, or by legislative legal murder. So, I stopped my 'analysis'
And, he also takes to task the exporters of homophobia. Those poor Americans who decided to step into the fire here, preaching and teaching their hate. Yeah, it is them that we have to thank for this bill. Surely, from me, who happens to be no Christian, may they rot in hell. Feels nice to say that...!

Speaking of analyses, some very brave Ugandans write for most of us in a paper, of course published outside Uganda. Solome Nakaweesi-Kimbugwe and Frank Mugisha They dare to say that the ruling party and govt is taking this as a welcome distraction. Yeah, I also think it is so. And may they be damned.... I hate it when my sexuality is the ball in the political field, and I suffer. I mean, there was a 17 year old in Mukono who was sentenced for life in prison because of this so called aggravated homosexuality. In retrospect, the sentence was light, because he would have been sentenced to death. I felt bad for that young man, but....!!!!!

Somethings are too hard to articulate.

Anyway, that article is well worth reading.

Wallen Throckmorton tries to find the logic in his countrymen's support of the homophobes in Uganda. Poor Exodus... Always be careful when you ally yourself with some of us!!!! I mean, the likes of Wallen and Box Turtle, and Ex-gay Watch are teaching Exodus a well earned lesson. And, I feel no pity for them. Only thing is I wish those exodus people were living in my shoes. I would give them a year in good old Uganda!

But, lest I find myself too self congratulatory with the media blitz this bill has done, let me wind up lifting a letter from the Saturday New Vision.
I know, the New Vision is the government mouthpiece. The bill was supposed to be tabled in parliament by the govt, but, the risk of backlash from the donors was such that they had to get a private member to present it. Of course with the strong support of the Minister of Ethics and Integrity, who has been touting this bill for more than a year now. Anyway, here is the Letter of the Week from the New Vision.

It was perched below this good picture of Pastor Ssempa. And, I have no doubt the writer is a member of Pastor Ssempa's Church. The image is the new visions.


I would like to commend the MPs who took a brave step to table the anti-homosexuality Bill. It is a firm reminder on Uganda’s stand. There are some things we are not ready to accept and homosexuality is one of them.

This step serves to notify the world that Ugandans are not pro-homosexuality even if some Ugandans are involved in it. I am very sure some human rights bodies and the Western world will come out to intimidate us to support homosexuality but we should ignore them and build the future of our country on a sure foundation.

The future of our country and the family in particular is under threat by the vice of homosexuality.

Not only will the Bill serve international purposes but it is going to show us where our parliamentarians stand on this particular vice.

I pray that we get updated with all the proceedings concerning this Bill.

I call upon our MPs and my area MP, Mr Bagiire of Mayuge to support this cause because we are not ready to sell away the future of our country in exchange for foreign lifestyles. Thumbs up for Mr Bahati and colleagues.

Ronald Balugiire
Makerere University

sigh. Why do fellow Ugandans hate us gay Ugandans so much? Why?

To the point of feeling it honourable to murder us judicially... in the name of god and family!

Oh well, have to remember that I dont ask them for the breath that I use. They can damn go and hang!



Skorrdal said...

I am so angry... And you know this, my friend... I just can't comprehend this BULLSHIT! (Pardon my French...)

spiralx said...

"Why do fellow Ugandan hate us gay Ugandans...?"

I don't they do. I do think there are a couple of highly-placed dimwits who have swallowed hook, line and sinker the idiotic propaganda of the religious right in America, for reasons best known to themselves. And they are doing their best to foist it on a largely ignorant populace.

(Talk about hypocrisy, because they accuse organisations like SMUG of being extensions of Western moral decline. When they themselves are simple extensions of Western bigotry. But there we go: pot, kettle, black).

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