Thursday, October 22, 2009


Yeah, hadnt become aware that the anti-gay side is also reving up efforts.

First, remember the bill is in parliament, and has been tabled and is in committee. (That means that I know more about Parliament procedure than I have ever know before). Bahati said yesterday that Parliament has scheduled further action for January 2010.

Remember, this is actually a breather for us to do something. I remember, just sometime ago, ammendments to the constitution were pushed through parliament within days... Yes, and this bill has 'multi-partisan' support. It was presented by a member of the NRM, the ruling party, and it has widespread, internal support. That is why Ssempa is threatening any legislator who dares to speak out against it as 'pro-gay'!!!!! and liable to 'political suicide'.

But, apparently the anti-gay are pushing their over-whelming advantage. Of course there is lots of interest. More outside the country than inside the country, but, they want to do something about that.
So, yesterday was Ssempa and Bahati with Prayers for Uganda, and also,
Pastor Male led a delegation to hand a petition to Speaker Ssekandi at the Parliament. They are the co-conspirators of the Pastor wars with Pastor Ssempa who want a backward looking witch hunt.

and here is the Minister of Integrity and moral issues. The major one being homosexuality...

MUKONO - Ethics and integrity minister James Nsaba Buturo has blamed homosexuality in Uganda on failure by parents and guardians to bring up their children in an upright manner. He made the remarks on Sunday while attending the fundraising ceremony for the expansion of St. Luke Anglican Church at Seeta. Buturo asked parents to join the battle against homosexuality by bringing up their children well.

So, the battle continues


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