Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Anti-gay faction...

First, a friend informs me that I am famous, (or infamous...) as the case maybe. I will be decidedly humble and point out that I am doing nothing big, except write about something that is....

Or, maybe, I am just funneling my underutilisation of time!!!

Anyway, following the debate that is occuring in the US and elsewhere, I have been bemused by the way that the 'Right' in America were burnt by the likes of Ssempa. I am not as expressive as I would like to be. When the anti-gay conference was held in Uganda this year, I listened to those Americans with their theoretical justifications for homophobia. They didnt know what they were doing. They just were not aware. And, I must confess that I was not fully aware... as I am not American anyway. But, one guy who took up that fight was Box Turtle Bulletin. And he did it. Opened the eyes of the American right to what they were actually doing, in the name of God. And he has continued the pressure. Just seen another thoughtful blog post that examines with incredulity what happened. It is an American again, who kind of shines more light on it than I ever would be able to. Here it is.
It sounds so easy, to jet in from America, and come and teach Ugandans the evils of homosexuality. But, they have been burnt. Very deservedly. Know your allies, always.

Checked out one other link. I have been accused of being anti-Christian...... Labels, labels, labels. Sometimes they are very inadequate. I am not a Christian. As to whether I am anti-Christian, that is for you to judge. But, a Christian writes this article and challenges other Christians. The kind of christians that are in Uganda. It is on the Christian Post, so maybe my not being a Christian will not be a log in anyone's eyes..?

Of course that does not excuse my country mates. I still am asking myself, sincerely, how can Ugandans do this? Are they aware of what they are doing?
Ok, maybe I am being naive also. I have grown up in Uganda and I know the depth of homophobia my countrymates hold. But, but, but....! Nsaba Buturo is an economics PhD...! And all the other honourable members of parliament!!!!!
Maybe I just cannot believe one thing, that the parliament of my country is considering a bill that would effectively make it legal for me to die, after due process of course. Truth is, it is something incredible, but so true that I have to pinch myself and say, yes, it is true.

Anyway, the anti-gay faction is in the news again. Pastor Martin Ssempa's Inter-faith Rainbow Coalition against Homosexuality in Uganda. First they thank the MP Bahati for tabling the motion. Apparently, it will go far in dealing with homosexuality in Uganda.
But, they have one bone of contention.
Seems as if the bill will not deal retrospectively with homosexual acts in Uganda. And, they want something to be done about this. They want the President to setup a Commission of Inquiry. If the Pres is not brave enough, well, then let parliament do it. Let them set up a commission of inquiry. So that they investigate the workings of homosexuals at all levels of society in Uganda... including, (the humour is mine of course), gay Uganda blog.... ha ha ha.
No, I dont think it is about us homosexuals. I think that is a continuation of the Pastor Wars. Ssempa was given a bloody nose, last round. And he wants Kayanja to be tarred and smeared in the relative safety of parliament. Didnt I say Ssempa is stupid?... Well, he is, egocentric, opportunistic, and he really hates people. And he does hate his fellow pastor Kayanja. All in the name of God of course. He would like nothing better than seeing him bloodied. As openly as possible. And, of course when I say that it works for us gay Ugandans, it does! At least there is that silver lining to our clouds.
Dont worry about me mentioning it here.... I am homosexual, so, what I say cannot be true, can it? Even when I point to the sins of the men of god.. how can I be truthful when am a self confessed homosexual?

Anyway, what it boils down to is that they would like an official witch-hunt of homosexuals. One that deals with past iniquities, before the new bill soon to become law takes over. Ostentiously it will be to cleanse the country so that we can move on. A final solution indeed!

Ok, I have to crawl into my hole and hide, for now...

Till I get more gossip of course!


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