Sunday, October 11, 2009

this afternoon...

the air is pregnant with rain-
that expression seems a whole world to encompass
this moment;-
skies overcast, heavy, grey cloud
the air stirring- rich, green, turgid leaves
rubbing and whistling, dancing in the cool dark, damp air
the dry season is a distant figment of my fertile mind
all around me’s water, fresh
and the promise of water, and more
to, come, from overfilled heavens
life’s sighing and singing in happiness.

©gayuganda 11 October 2009
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Iwaya said...

You know how much I enjoy your rain photos?! Too much. You remind me of that Japanese film maker Akira's films. Just saying, you have a thing for rain and I like it.

gayuganda said...

a thing for rain... True. Just feel good with rain, dont know why. More than sun, though I do love Uganda's sun!

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