Saturday, October 31, 2009

Not my Country

The article in the Monitor was an eye opener in more ways than one.
Not only did it show that there are no crimes on the ground. There is actually no problem of homosexuality according to the Uganda Police reports. Why, because there is no one to complain. And, why should one complain if you have sex consensually?
But, the pushers of the Bahati Bill are determined to have a crime. Of something that me and my lover do in the privacy of our house, of our bedroom.
And, it also opened my eyes. More than usual.
I know, I have flirted with the fact that I am gay in Uganda. Kind of amusing that we are soon celebrating nine years of partnership. Me and my partner. Of being gay, and loving, and being together. Of having our own family. It is exhilarating, living like so, so much against the ‘law’. In sort of secret sin. A gay underground.
But, that fact makes us forget the danger. With the new law, the Bahati Bill, we can be condemned, not from any actual mistake of ours, but because someone, for some reason, suspects. And, the burden of proving we are not gay will rest with us.

Life, it has just become much more dangerous.
As the Monitor article put it, once that law is passed, (and it will most likely pass), Uganda will be one of the most dangerous places on earth to live as a homosexual.
Yet, what have we done wrong?
No need to whine. We have done nothing. Absolutely nothing.
We have just offended the morality of some people. The people who are pushing for this crime that is no crime, for this sin, that is no sin but in their eyes.

Its easy to say that our lives are our lives, that it is our right to be human beings. Nsaba-Buturo, Ssempa, Langa, Bahati, they don’t believe in this. My right of choice in religion is not respected by the Church of Uganda. The good Christians are going to force this thing down my throat. Even if it means that Uganda has to build more jails for us homosexuals. To kill us, as long as it is judicial.
Homosexuals have no human rights. No rights for anal sex, as Nsaba-Buturo so hatefully puts it.
According to Bahati, in that Monitor article, his bill would be justified even if there was only one prosecuted homosexual act in Uganda.

God help us. Bahati, and other MPs are multi-millionaires in parliament, trying to justify the salaries they award themselves. Corruption is a cancer that is eating at the very heart of the country.
But, they have chosen a defenceless minority to pursue. In the name of God. All in the name of God, their God. Poor Ugandans. They follow like blind sheep, being led by duplicitous, blind shepherds.

They will not allow us to defend ourselves. They will not allow us to differ. They have only two choices for us. Prison, or Death.

Ssempa was passionate, saying, ‘not in my Kampala, not in my Uganda.’
Well, it is also my country. It is also my city.


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