Friday, October 23, 2009

Some Christian leaders.....

They are speaking up, on the Final Solution for homosexuals…. Sorry, if it is not exactly what you wanted to hear.

An Anglican church leader in Uganda has rejected proposals that homosexuals should face the death penalty for sexual assault in some cases, but says that prison terms should remain as a deterrent.
"We want to state categorically that homosexuality is unacceptable," Anglican Bishop Stanley Ntagali of Masindi-Kitara diocese told Ecumenical News International in an interview.

The Ugandan parliament is currently discussing a proposed law which allows the death penalty for "aggravated homosexuality" involving assault against people under the age of 18 or those with disabilities.

"I think the death penalty is not acceptable," Ntagali said on October 21. "I think taking someone to jail for a period of time would be sufficient."

Homosexual acts are already a criminal offence in Uganda, with the maximum penalty being life imprisonment.

The new measure, introduced by lawmaker David Bahati, proposes a seven-year jail term for anyone who "attempts to commit the offence" or who "aids, abets, counsels or procures another to engage in acts of homosexuality."

If passed, the law would also punish the publishing of information, the provision of funds or premises for homosexual activities with a seven-year jail sentence or a fine of US$50,000, the PlusNews service reported.

Ntagali said the church views those involved in homosexuality as sinners who can repent and reform. "We have to be a moral fiber of the society," he stated.


Personally, I am not willing to let them off the hook. The draft law clearly states, life imprisonment on the first conviction, death for being HIV positive, and, if I am re-convicted, or, if my partner is in any way disabled. Why don’t they own up to it? What is shameful to standing up to their recommendations?

Let me balance this. Some Christian leaders outside the country, are concerned. Here is one, and another, and another.

I guess I should accept that Christianity does have a range of opinions. Bite me, being gay in Uganda is kind of like being anti-Christian. Many gay people in Uganda fight with accepting their sexuality, and their faith… and many react like I do. My partner is a Christian, but, his faith is also under pressure. The Christian church, more than anything else, has come out to persecute gay Ugandans, as a populist way of showing how moral it is. And, we, a minority which has no voice, we are suffering, privately, and personally.

You will forgive me for my regretted bite and bitterness towards Ugandan Christian leaders… and understand that, it is more than justified from the valley where I sit.


Oh, Afrogay reports on another piece of news on the Pastor Wars. Apparently, Ssempa is being asked about the fact that he led a witch-hunt earlier in the year against other Pentecostal pastors. He wanted to cleanse the church of homosexuals... and apparently, in his zeal, he went too far...!! Here is the article in the Daily Monitor, and here is Afrogay's commentary. I dont think i should add my point of view, it is too, too out there and visible!

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