Wednesday, October 28, 2009


In holding ones breath, as the stench intensifies.

Bitter, isn’t that?

Ok. Deep breath in, and one out. Calm, calm, calm.

The religious leaders of our dear country Uganda were presenting their views on the bill. They were those from the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and some Moslem leaders. Apparently, the SDA Church is merciful. They don’t want a homosexual put to death, because he or she is a homosexual. So, they want something else. Let it be life imprisonment. Because, from their point of view, taking a life is a final thing. Too final. Rather that a homosexual, who is a sinner like any other sinner, is jailed so that he might have time left on earth to repent and turn back from his or her sins.

Deep breath in, deep breath out. Calm, calm, calm.

Do you know how frustrating it is not to be able to shout to these people that I am NOT GUILTY OF ANY BLOODY THING?????????

I am gay. A gay Ugandan. I am guilty, just because I am gay.

And all the good people of my country, the country's leaders are sitting down to piously decide on which punishment I deserve.
The choice is not very hard. Those who are fierce moralists say it is Death. Death. Death. Those more merciful, say it should be life in prison. Just for being homosexual.....

Dear God in heaven, is this a nightmare or what?

Where was the debate? Oh, apparently, it was at the Parliament Committee for Presidential Affairs, where the public can give their views. And,....

No. I will not cry.

What would these people say if I told them that I am gay, and so they be damned?????

No. That is just stupid bravado...



Anonymous said...

Those so-called Christians in Uganda will shiver in their bones; their spines will quiver on doomsday. Because what they say is that God has made a mistake by creating some people gay. God making mistakes? That is blasphemy!

Leonard said...

It´s hard to keep listening to the bigots talk about us isn´t it? Just remember that we are VERY experienced at listening to people, religious or not, say VILE things about people like us (for lifetimes)...rarely have we had the opportunity to answer in healthy/truthful conversation since most of the ¨remarks¨are insane ideas about what others PRETEND TO KNOW about us (Buturos campaign is bordering on out of control lunacy)...Now, you´re facing some really unpleasant everyday stuff that may get more dangerous for you and yours by the minute...I´m sorry you have to listen quietly to 7th Day Zealots, or Anglican Suck-em-ups, or Obsessive/doubledealing liars as they degrade you and ALL of us like´s just that you´re facing a more intensive LISTENING PROCESS than ever before at it requires great stamina to listen to LIES...sure, they are sick and dangerous and unjust assessments by folks proving they are ignorant (educated or not)...they´ve always been that way...but this time, they are putting themselves ¨on record¨ for all to see their dismal response to a God who Commands us to love one another (all one anothers), it´s like a one up-man-ship at being IMMORAL (in some kind of righteous religious way)...that would include fear/hatemongering and violating the dignity of other human beings (of whom they know little/nothing about in terms of our personal character but are viciously assuming their filty views anyway)...btw, your illustration of you ¨being you¨ at the rightsidebar, no doubt sends them to the MOON (Imagine a real persons body that isn´t anything but a statement about ¨you¨ want to be FREE to ¨be¨ the person that GOD, and your ancestors, made you to be)...gasp! You are appreciated.

Leonardo Ricardo

Unknown said...

Please know that you are not alone in your struggle, I support you from here in Canada, the hate that is being spread in the name of God is truly evil. I pray that you can be free to be one day soon.

Canadian said...

From Canada, I read and listen with shock. Much evil in history has spread in the guise of the 'word of the lord'. I plan to write to the embassy here in Canada and protest to my members of parliament. The people of Canada and the world need to speak out against this mean spirited hateful law. Shame shame shame. Where is the humanity in Uganda!

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