Monday, December 28, 2009

Miscellaneous Happenings

The morning is grey. Grey, overcast, cool to cold.

No snow of course, and the birds are in the air, singing. The cool breeze is bracing, invirogating.

Couldnt leave bed early. Wanted to listen to the bird song, but my lover insisted on wrapping himself around me. And that is what we did, hold and hug one another. It was nice, it was warm, it was heaven. I appreciate being in love, and being able to hold onto the person I love.

My world is not perfect. But whose world is perfect?
I am imperfect. So is my lover. But, that is life.

Last evening, we went out and I was happy to see other kuchus. Holiday season, and some who have been lost for some time come out of the woodwork. They were not as many as I expected, but, we were quite a number. We had fun. I had fun, especially because my love had decided to put aside the suspicion that I will walk off with the next kuchu I speak to too closely.
Ok, not an unreasonable expectation... [grin], but, it kind of doesnt make for a happy evening when he is hovering over me...!

When I got out of bed, I decided to listen to the bird song. And read a poem. Ended writing more than I read. Its that kind of day. Stirring to the creative juices.

I dont see much in the day's news, though I might have missed much. Maybe notable, you remember Bahati's cousin who I was very quick to note that I knew nothing about [paranoia, paranoia, you know], the Red Rug apparently has another sensational story. The red chilli, I mean. It is a rug of paper that outed us, and I swore never to link to them again.
In this story, (I guess I have to warn you, if a story is in the red rug, that means it is most likely not true), MP Bahati's cousin, who got lost over Christmas was kidnapped and offered humongous amounts of money to frame the dear MP that he is gay.

Likely story. But, I know a few of my country people will be very willing to believe such nonsense.

WAIT a second. There is precedence to this. Remember the Pastor wars, when Ssempa and co. were accusing one other pastor, Kayanja, the one who is brother to the Archbishop of York? Well, the police investigation concluded that the boys, the accusers (they are men), had been given lots of money to come up with the accusations.

So, maybe there is some lurid truth to the story... But, I wouldnt believe it. Not really.

'Killing them might not be helpful.' I saw the clip on TV when Nsaba Buturo says that. I dont know whether the MP knows that he is actually talking about people. Human beings. Not animals, cattle, chicken. Indeed 'killing them might not be helpful.' He is very sincere about it. Impassioned. He believes that killing us may not be helpful, but it is reasonable, and has logic, says Buturo, to have counselling forced on us. So that we are rehabilitated. And, he adds, he sees logic in that.

Beggars belief. And why should I be angry at that? [shrug], that is what my country mates believe of me.

It came to me that, I dont think that any of these guys have ever really had a talk, a chat with someone who is as terrible, as evil as a gay person. They dont want to. They just want one thing. Kill and imprison them. Rid Uganda of the homosexual perversion. Be a leader of the world.

In corruption. And moral cleanliness from homosexuality.

I hear Focus on the Family, the Dobson empire, has condemned the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Well, Rick Warren called it anti-Christian. And, the good pastors of Uganda, led by Martin Ssempa were so incensed that they demanded a 'biblical' apology within 7 days. I think those days are up. Will be interesting to see the next salvo from Martin Ssempa.

'Un-Christian'. There is a revulsion from outside Uganda about what the Christians in Uganda want to do to the evil of homosexuality. They claim sovereign rights to self determination, the Christians outside Uganda are shaking their collective heads. They are disgusted, and unhappy.
And, do you really want to know what is happening?

Ugandan Christians, and I mean mainline denominations and the Pentecostals, they all believe that anyone, anyone who is not in support of the bill to 'wipe out homosexuality from Uganda' is a pro-homosexual promoter. So, as soon as the Archbishop of York speaks out, he is quickly, decisively branded a homosexual promoter.

The Christians in Uganda are not listening to the reasons WHY other Christians find the bill so abhorrent. To them, you are either for the bill, or not. For or against Uganda. No middle ground.
As fantastic as that is, that is the attitude in the country. And, Bahati and Ssempa are going around fearlessly articulating that. Of course, that is what is happening in the churches.

Want to know why the bill is so un-Christian? Well, read it. It is here, as tabled in the 8th Parliament of the Republic of Uganda. Do not be 'told' what is supposed to say. I find Uganda's Christians less than credible when they articulate what is in the bill, that which the rest of the world doesnt understand.

Hey, I bet you dont believe me, do you? Box Turtle Bulletin has some very good intelligence! They have video of Ssempa and Bahati discussing the bill on the UBC, the state owned broadcasting television. Here is the link. It is worth watching those, and fact checking the claims of Bahati and Ssempa.

And, you know what, I do realise how good it is that, at long last, the lies, the duplicity of Uganda's Christians is being given the world stage for examination. Dont mistake me, I am a Ugandan, and I am furious that my country is being ashamed. But, my patriotism can only go so far, when supposed representatives of my people are debating a bill to have me killed. And lying about it.

Oh, by the way, did you think that I was joking when I said Ssempa alleges that I wanted to kill him?

Apparently, he alleges it again. I am posting about that in the next post.

Keep tuned.


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