Sunday, March 8, 2009

Anti-homosexuality group formed in Uganda

Posted : Sat, 07 Mar 2009 18:47:57 GMT

Author : DPA


Kampala Anti-gay activists in Uganda Saturday formed a pressure group to discourage homosexuality, following a two-day conference of religious leaders, teachers and social workers in the capital Kampala.

The group, to be called the Anti-Gay Task Force, is intended to "fight against the spread of homosexuality and lesbianism in the country," spokesman for the group Stephen Langa told reporters. Same sex-relationships and marriages are illegal in Uganda, and human rights groups have criticized the government for harassing homosexuals.

The task-force said that it would one day "wipe out" gay practices in the African state.

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Leonard said...

Now you´ve gone and done -it- I posted a huge reaction to all this nonsense you´ve been forced to face...these guys, and their female accomplices at Church/other, ought try opening their eyes/ears, shutting their mouths and paying attention to their own PERSONAL INTEGRITY!

So far, they flunk!

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