Friday, March 13, 2009

Rumour Mongering and Sensationalism

One of the ways of selling the Anti-Gay Agenda.

Langa is continuing his obsession. (He does have a large platform, with a community that is realy ignorant of homosexuality.) So, he is pushing ahead. Didnt know he is with UBC.

And he is also sending messages to those of us he knows, asking for 'meetings'. A Christian man full of love. Why does an anti-gay person realy believe in speaking rubbish on the one hand, and then hypocritically holding out his hand to gay people? I thought it was only possible in politics, this kind of hypocrisy.....!


Students enticed to join lesbianism and homosexuality

First published: 20090312 3:17:16 AM EST

Ultimate Media

Participants at the just ended seminars organized by Family Life Network, a local Non Governmental Organization were shocked by the claims that there is an organized racket recruiting school children into homosexuality.

Family Life Network and other stakeholders last week organized a seminar and series of meetings on the subject of homosexuality.

The Executive Director of Family Life Network Stephen Langa, participants received shocking and worrying revelations about the level of defilement and recruitment of school boys and girls into homosexuality and lesbianism.

Langa says in a statement that some parents asked if there is any safe school in Uganda, given the level of immorality and organized rackets in schools.

According to the statement from the workshop, the information available indicates that both day schools and boarding schools are affected by this vice.

It says that during the seminars, it has come to light that organized homosexual/lesbian groups are using money to entice their victims and are encouraging the victims to recruit their fellow students in schools.

As such, Langa, also a panelist on Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC), says that his organization in conjunction with other stakeholders unanimously agreed to hold a parents’ consultative meeting be held as a matter of urgency.

He says that the meeting scheduled to take place this Sunday March 15, 2009 at Hotel Triangle, in Kampala will inform parents about the situation in schools, provide a platform where parents can dialogue together and come up with a united position and action on what should be done to address the threat to their children in schools.


Leonard said...

These folks are running riot with overcharged panic initiated by quacks..."it came to light" is not exactly offer FACT about any REAL "agenda" that is somehow being imagined and ramroded into being in Ugandan schools by clergy quacks and American/Ugandan Faith Healers (for money and expenses, no doubt) thing you know the unsuspecting and innocent kids are going to be intimidated, wracked and tortured into some sort of false confession mode...really nuts, but it does set the stage for false confessions that may protect or make a sorta hero out of the confessor and prosecute/Jail?kill the aledged abuser...all for the sake of making emotionally twisted claims a manufactured REALITY of LGBT recruitment "activities" at school?

Anonymous said...

Heterosexuals believe weird things. Especially if they are religious. Hence, the use of corrective rape for same-sex lovers in South Africa.

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