Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 3: Scott Lively

I have been wondering how to put this.


An aside. Remember how Thabo Mbeki, former President of South Africa believes that the HIV Virus does not cause AIDS? Do you wonder how such a well read, public person can consistently come up with a conclusion that defies logic, and holds it against all reasonable advice?

It is an alchemy of the mind. I saw the process, or the product. I am still reeling.



Day 3 was no fun. We had gone through Days 1 and 2 with little red meat. It was kind of tame. Not much red meat to struggle with. Little to pull to the attention of a reasonable person. Which I think you are, dear reader. A reasonable person.

Day 3 was different, because this was supposed to be Scott Lively’s day.

Remember. For the sake of deniability, I am a fly on the wall. I am non-existent. I was amused when the attendees were called to clap for us practicing homosexuals attending. But I was still reeling from Scott Lively. PhD. Two in total. One of those from the world re-known Harvard. One in Law, and another in Theology, or at least that is what I gathered.


I was a fly on the wall, but I nearly dropped off, in shock, and anger, and despair. I nearly outed myself, so angry was I to almost lose reason. I took some deep breaths, and hang on to my emotions.


The guy told so many lies of me that I was shocked. Was it Goebells who said the bigger the lie the better, the more believable? Lively says he is not gay, so maybe he should be forgiven for telling the lies.


But there is something going on with the gentleman there.

He is a believer. Not the usual village guy who believes that he can stop the rain from falling, or calls upon the help of a rainmaker. This one is a believer who builds the very dreams to believe in. And a fantastic study in self deception.


Like Ssempa, he is obsessed with homosexuality. I don’t know why. He has been working as an anti-gay professional for a long time. (I am not mincing words here) And he has developed theories that he believes in; passionately, like they are a religion. It is from these sacred texts that he preaches. And came to preach in Uganda.


He is a Conspiration Theorist. A person who forms a theory on causation, and then goes ahead to wrap all perception of his world around that theory. His theory explains all perceptions. Whether it is the gay agenda wrapped in the Nazi supremacy, or the macho gay men who caused the Rwanda Genocide. Anything that seems to question his theory is attacked, dismissed, irrelevant. And, if you dont believe him, you are of a reprobate mind, or you are a closet homosexual following the Homosexual agenda.

No. I am not joking. (I wish I was)

He is a guy who hold a black ball before your eyes and begins to reason with you on how white it is. He believes it, and you may be surprised how much you have to do to fight off his conviction.


He says he loves gay people. To prove it, he has gay friends. When he is talking about the ‘Homosexual Agenda’ which he vociferously opposes, his face changes, skin flushes, passion clouds his eyes. He believes he loves the sinner, and goes ahead to cut welts of pain into the person.


He believes there is a homosexual agenda. Sorry, fellow homosexuals. Matter of fact, it is not us who push the so called homosexual agenda. It is Lively and friends. They have to be fighting something, something tangible in the minds of their audiences. So, fighting me as a homosexual is not very politically correct. In fact they have to love me, as forced by their scriptures. But they have to fight something tangible in their minds, and thus is born the Homosexual agenda.


Ok, homosexual, you have not heard of it? I will forgive you. You have not heard Lively speak. If you do not believe it, you have a ‘reprobate’ mind. And of course you are serving the homosexual agenda without knowing that you are. You aim to take over the proffesions of law, medicine, Human Rights and others. You have already taken over the European Union. America is resisting. Africa is the last bastion against your reprobate mind. Yes, you are part of the homosexual agenda. You have to believe it…!


It is almost frightening the way he brushes away any questioning from us midgets. You ask because you don’t know. If you want to know, read his best selling books. They are the scripture on the Homosexual Agenda, from the days of Nazis, to the present. He has theories, and diagrams and drawings. Like Langa does. He is passionate and convincing.


What about people who are his would be peers? How come the World Health Organisation (huh, is he a doctor?) and the professional psychiatrist and psychologist organizations of the world take him as a crook? Know how he dismisses them?

Langa yesterday said that they are all gay.

Lively goes a bit further. Only the gay doctors voted. These gay agenda people are loud and vociferous and committed. They wanted the change, and without any evidence, proved too much to all the professional organizations of much of the Western Worlds. Even the WHO. They, the gay agenda people, apparently forced all the others to vote for the gay agenda.


And, to underline this, you don’t believe in the WHO all the time, do you? A skeptical lifting of the brow. If you do believe all the time, well, they passed one over you.


Thus is the weight of mainstream knowledge dismissed.


So, what happens in Uganda the ignorant?

He has met our Members of Parliament, to impress on them the power and danger and evil of the Homosexual Agenda. He says the agenda has to be fought, hard. It is evil.

He has come and preached, to the seminar.

And to youths at KPC and Makerere. Love the sinner, he says. Then, turning red and flustered- fight the homosexual agenda. If you don’t know of it, read it up.

An anti-homosexual group has been formed. Agenda and other things fixed. Fight the Homosexual agenda.


What of the law criminalizing homosexual practices? The law is good, says Scott Lively, but you must heal the offenders. Does he hope for a government contract? Hey, I am a Ugandan!


What of the fact that ‘Reparative Therapy’, homosexual healing is thought to harmful to the homosexual? Oh? You don’t trust everything the professional societies say, do you? Trust Scott Lively. He knows.


As I listened to this, I thought of Ex-President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa. He believes the HIV virus does not cause AIDS. Oh, he still believes so. He rubbished the mainstream knowledge, clutched at all this fringe information, and had a Minister of Health who believed in promoting beetroot and garlic as cures for AIDS.


God help us, but that is a true story.


Scott Lively is another of the ilk. You believe him at your own peril. Unfortunately, I have to fight his cultish message. And drag my country mates into the twenty first century knowledge of sexuality.




More on Scott Lively. Know your enemy.

From Bill Berkowitz; the Christian Rights Anti-Gay crusade goes world wide

And from Box Turtle.


Leonard said...

I´m exhausted. Wow, there was so many subplots by the ¨perps¨ of those that would ¨heal¨ us (when we´re not sick)...thank you so much for your ¨fly on the wall¨ and thanks be to God that you´ve not been trapped in any deadly webs spun by Christinazis/others.

I think you inspired my longest and most referenced post ever.

Love to you and yours, and please remain cautious amongst the misled,

Leonardo Ricardo

spiralx said...

It is an astonishing thing to watch, isn't it - the creation of a whole world of the imagination, then the slow but steady imposition of that imagination onto the real world.

We call it insanity. But people like Mbeki, Mugabe, Pol Pot, Hitler, and Ssempa/Lively, have enough money and willing followers to almost make it real - at least for a while. It doesn't last, because it isn't real. But it can do a lot of damage in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

This has been real interesting reading. Just caught up with the 'fly on the wall'.

Still digesting the sort of misinformation being handed out by 'the moralists'.

FOSCO said...

Your series of posts on this conference is absolutely heroic. I am appalled and embarrassed that these American nutjobs are doing so much damage in your country. Stay strong and know that, even though we are far away, there are millions of people here who support you.

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