Thursday, July 1, 2010

Updates- Worldcup and others.

I have been off the internet for a bit of time.

Like missing a fix, the first days are the worst. The itch gets worse and worse, till it plateaus, and then starts sinking. I must confess that particular itch had barely got to the plateau phase…! And, in the meantime, I have changed internet providers, only to discover that there are actually cheaper, better options out there.

But, I am back. What has been happening?

Still trying to get to grips with what has transpired in the world of cyber, even over the last few days. World cup? Yeah, yeah, yeah…

I am not really a fan. Must confess that. But, the buzz, that vuvuzela buzz is hard to ignore. That is a new word in today’s English. They are like a swarm of angry bees in the tv set till the end of the march. Now, if I manage to avoid them, then it is a must to know the statistics. Who has beaten who, which upset has not yet materialized… etc. And, of course there is the more interesting news. The soap operas, national and international as the case may be. So, England lost to Germany? It is a national disgres. But, have you heard what is happening in France? A special session of parliament. The Italians are also pissed off. All that makes for some very interesting talking points. And of course, some very interesting decisions like the Nigerian President deciding to suspend the national soccer team from competing internationally for 2 years!! I must confess my nose for gossip and statistics takes me places… where sweaty, sweating arm chair atheletes argue about the pros and cons of the particular players, and get so fevered that spit and tempers fly. Want to know a man’s passion? (Women too!) Talk about football, and slip in some snide observations about their football team.

Now, I am gay [grin]… stereotypically, unless it is to admire Ronaldo’s movie star looks and gazelle-like grace when he puts on a burst of speed for the goal, I am not so interested in the actual game. Of course, I know enough gay people who are interested in it, for it to be one of those silly stereotypes. 

Listening to my mates here, I must confess that I am not very well tuned politically. I do not have that will to have something done, and now, to lead, as Bahati will, the country and the world in political anti-gayism. BUT, that inertia on my part is tempered by the fact that politics has lots of effects on my personal life. Case in point, the Bahati Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009. That was a political move. Which backfired, in my view.... I have to remember that that bill is still in parliament.

What has brought about that kind of reflection?

Err, the Uganda Electral Commission has announced the timetable for national elections next year. 

I can make a few shrewd predictions.

The ruling NRM party will nominate (unopposed) its current chairman- the President of the country. Despite the fact that there has been a dive in his personal popularity, he will win the elections, and will be president, come the next swearing in. Whether or not there will be a run-off will depend very much on the electioneering, and the cheating which WILL happen. Ahem, ahem.

Of course the opposition will lose. That is a given. And, they will cry foul. As usual. And, there might be another court case challenging the election results... though this time the powers that be may decide that third time is too silly.

What does all this have to do with the anti-gay bill?

There is a malignant air of anti-incumbency, but the one thing that may work to deflect the anger of the populace might be whipping up anti-gay fervour. So, the bill has perforce to hang over our heads like the proverbial guillotine. We wait. We watch, we shall see.

Far as I know, the bill is not being discussed at this time. Yeah, seen the Vanity fair article...



LKT said...

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CJ Plourde said...

While claiming that homosexuals are recruiters, leading children into dark alleys to abuse them, the opposite is in fact true: it is the Church, both Catholic, and evangelical, who have been sexually abusing men, women, and children for years. Most recently, the Catholic church in the US has paid out an estimated 3 BILLION dollars to hundreds, thousands of children who were sexually abused, some of them for years, by their trusted, Christian leaders. And the lawsuits have not stopped coming.

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