Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Lies they SHOUT about us (II) Because We scare them.

And, they do love the yelling.


Because the louder they shout, the more likely it is for the lies to be believed. Literally no one Africa gets to calling out the lies of liars.

And, they are liars.

Take this Hon. Dr Chris Baryomunsi. For a medical doctor to come out stating lies like this, fully against the view of the World Health Organisation....., well. He is using his position as a doctor and an MP, a powerful leader in our communities to actually tell lies about a minority, a part of the community that cannot speak back against the lies.

Yet, as a well read member of the community of Uganda, he can actually READ up on the information. Understand it, and instead of using his power to do right by their health, he is doing worse than do wrong.



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