Wednesday, February 11, 2009


They think me

when all I do
is hide,
mask my heat
pain, desire-

all I do is
stay alive

Is a hostile world
thorns and stones
my mates believe
are my natural wage-
death, despair
my only fruit
reward on earth.

I’m gay-
that’s it,
fault of faults
deserving death-
shame, despair

so I hide
in broad daylight.

(c)GayUganda 11 Feb. 09


Skorrdal said...

Touching. Thank you. I know this feeling all too well...

Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike. I posted something like this yesterday; more wordy but in the same vein. This has never been a better time to be gay and we should thank God for that ... yes, even in Uganda.


spiralx said...

And just to balance the mood... I worked for a couple of years in a company which was all straight men, and for the first time I realised how rich the gay vsion of life actually is. I could handle their view of things, but it was so 'straight' (and so limited!), while I was seeing both their angle and a more 'female' one at the same time.

It felt like being able to see in colour while they (unknowingly) could only see in black-and-white. An amazing experience. I've always appreciated being a gay male over a straight one,better from then on.

Leonard said...

Seeing and thinking in ¨colour¨...what a fascinating thought for LGBT people.

Thanks for the Poem...may I post it at my blog? I love it.


gayuganda said...

Seeing in colour...!

Too true. I do have to thank my orientation for that percept. Life is so much richer, lusher, in colour, than the dull dichotomy of black and white.

Yes Ricardo, you are welcome.


Anonymous said...

"Great minds thiink alike?"
Such modesty.

Princess said...

Great poem [whine and all] :P

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