Friday, April 15, 2011

David Kato should Share Blame for HIS OWN MURDER

I am willing to be pulled out of retirement.
Blaming the victim for the murder.
Gosh, and double gosh.
You know who thinks so?
One of the Ugandan Ambassadors. I think he is ambassador to the EU.
Guess it is a logical expression of the Ugandan thinking that gay people deserve death.
And, of course it is a logical extension of the Gay Panic Defense.
Here is the link to the letter. Yes, the gentleman put it in WRITING!


Anonymous said...

Actually I am too sad about what happend to David in order to laugh right now. If that wasnt the case I would simply have laughed LOUDLY at the ambassadors letter. Such rubbish. And those bastards think any sane person would believe in the shit written about David ?

Rest in peace our brave brother David Kato Kisule.

AfroGay said...

This reminds of the judge who told an 8-year-old girl that she was to blame for being taken advantage of sexually by a grown man since she had flashed her eyes at him.

Or what about the warning some Ugandan government official gave to Campus girls to stop dressing provocatively if they didn't want men to rape them?

Katuntu is just drinking from the same trough.

Leonard said...

Some kind of weirdly twisted reasoning that no doubt has a religious flavored basis...the man is way off track...grasping for another round of pretend to make ¨vileness¨ and ¨insanity¨ into common sense. When are these deaflike dudes going to start listening to something other than the sound of their own tiresome voice(s)? Content matters, truth matters, reality matters.

modguy98 said...

Patriarchal Traditions and War Pave Way for Spread of HIV in Northern Uganda

HIV prevalence in northern Uganda is among the highest in the world, thanks to patriarchal traditions and more than 20 years of war. The government and nongovernmental organizations have set up special initiatives here to increase access to care and treatment, but some say the real solution is the education and empowerment of women.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

The Centre for Applied Human Rights in York is running an event and petition in David's memory. We are trying to get the archbishop of york (an influential religious figure and a fellow ugandan) to speak out against David's murder. PLEASE sign the petition plsRT:

Anonymous said...

Maybe its time to ask how much did the murderer get paid to kill David and who gave the money.... ???

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