Friday, May 13, 2011

Parliament Closes.... Without the Bill becoming Law

Of huge relief.
Simply because this bill, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is a huge threat. To me, and mine, in Uganda.
I do love this silly country of mine. Even when I admit it is silly and stupid.... in some things. It also has some very beautiful things that am proud of.... like yours truly!!!!!
Yes, I have not been blogging. Fact, I was seeing a flood of information at other places. Boxturtle Bulletin. Warren Throckmorton's to mention a few.
And, I was also so involved and busy preparing things concerning that bill that I was simply not up to getting pen to paper to blog.
Oh, yes....
It is a defeat, for Bahati. Am told he lobbied his best to have the bill passed. Yes, the committee had some recommendations, cutting out some of the more silly provisions in the bill. And, dear Pastor eat da poo poo, and Steven Langa, and others.... They were on a tear to make sure that the bill becomes law.
So, it is a defeat for them.
No. It is not victory for us. Our countrymates, for seemingly no reason at all, are very willing to believe in the nonsense of our 'recruiting' and going after their children, and spreading homosexuality like a contagion.... LOL.
OK, it does not shine a good light on the fact that we are very clever [sniff],
but, and a huge but, we have another day to fight.
And, believe me, I am going to be calling out more of the stupidies.
For today, until the next parliament is sworn in, with dear David Bahati featuring, we are going to wait for this bill.
Yes. It is going to come, again.
and, we shall be fighting it. Again.
Tooth and nail. Our very lives and liberty depend on it......
Be well, and thanks for helping to hold us up.


Anonymous said...

Yes Gug: tooth and nail, as you say! That's why God has given us a LOT of teeth and 20 nails to boost. This fight is not over yet by a long stretch, but we will come through in the end. That law is wrong, and what we ask for is right. It's simply right. We know it, and somewhere very deep down in their heart of hearts, they know it too, no matter how hateful they act & shout. What you do is immensely important, Gug. So keep talking to us & the world, please. xxxj.

Jean-Paul, Canada said...

The Avaaz petition was a great initiative and i am so proud to have signed it.

Also The American attitude to this Bill has helped to win the day.

Still, if Museveni was using this very hot issue to distract Uganda from his illegitimate inauguration ceremony, then he is now in a position to continue to make a mockery of justice and human rights in your country.

Keep up the good work, gug

Anonymous said...


Stay strong and never change who you are for anyone! I admire your activism!

With love from America,


Colin Coward said...

Gug, the failure of Bahati's bill on the very last day is a huge, huge relief, and a breathing space has opened in which energy can be restored and a period of relative calm enjoyed.

I wonder if this strategic defeat for Bahati will make it even more difficult to get it passed in the new Parliament. Every defeat is a further nail in the coffin of prejudice and every hurdle has raised new awareness around the world.

It's difficult, reading the reports, to know whether or not there was a deliberate decision inside the Government to sabotage the final success of the bill.

It's always good to read your blog and I miss you when days pass and you don't post. Your reflections add to the authority with which I can comment and lobby the Church here in the UK.

Anonymous said...

As you can see, it is Americans supporting you Gug. Man, you know our African culture and tradition doesn't embrace homosexuality, that is just who we are and we do not wish to change and be like the Western countries that embrace it. I do not support the bill that gays and lesbians should be killed but as a christian, i do not want it thrown in my face as well. You know it is wrong and Uganda is a christian country so let us be. Death is not the way but neither is being gay.

Anonymous said...

Rubbish, anonymous! For starters, I'm not American, and neither is Colin (UK). I live in a black country, as a gay, and there are lots of other gays here too, all of them black and of African or Indian heritage. It's not as easy to be out of the closet here, and we have a long way to go still to full acceptance, but Lord have mercy, it's nothing like Uganda at the moment, where gay hatred is being fueled for selfish political purposes (just as George Bush and his cronies did in the run-up to the 2000 elections). Furthermore there's absolutely no reason why you can't be gay and Christian (or any other religion, for that matter). Don't EVER let them take away your love for God, and God's love for you (if & when you know that love) by letting them tell you that God abhors you. It's a load of rubbish. He made you perfect as you are. Being gay and unique is your God-given talent. Use it, live it, celebrate it, cause that's what life is all about: appreciating the gift of life and love and doing the best you can to be true and good to yourself and to others. for dozens of testimonials on how 'It Gets Better', and how to live truthfully and happily as a gay, queer, or transgender person.

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