Sunday, November 13, 2016

Humour, South African Style


OK, they managed to export Trevor Noah, that kid of Soweto Township to Comedy Central in the US of all places, but I must admit I frankly get only half of the jokes sometimes.

Trevor predicted that the US would elect America's first real African President......, and to drive the point home, dressed Trump in Gaddafi/Idi Amin style regalia, complete with gold braid and flashing lights.

Now, with many Clintonites crying at the reality of President-elect Trump, Somizi has weighed in, like only this stylish South African can......!

Photo Channel24News

Isnt it time, Somizi asks, tongue-in-cheek, that Africa did its own thing and didnt rely on that gay man in a wig?

I was wondering who the gay man in a wig was, and had a belly laugh when I realised it is the President-Elect!

Yes, Somizi.....! As Elder Obama said, the sun will, in fact, come out tomorrow. We are alive, and to demean ourselves by thinking the election is the end of the world is to demean us, who we are, what we are, the things that we have gone through and survived.

There is a tomorrow...., however tough the body blow and suprise was. There is a tomorrow. Tough, rough, not rosy. But, with breath in this body....., let us remember that indeed, there is a tomorrow!!!


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