Monday, November 12, 2018

The Power of De-criminalisation

This is why we want the laws struck off the books, even when critics tell us, 'Oh, but they are infrequently applied' (as if their very existence is not an insult to us queer human beings!)

Here is the story of an Indian lesbian couple who dared have their dream of living together come true. Their dream, their action, and the roadblocks thrown up by family and community.

  • Both in their majorities, 24 and 40; 2 year relationship
  • Decision to move in together.
  • Mom of younger reports her missing, police take her away, (despite her majority status) to return to her to mom.
  • Partner goes to court. Magistrate hearing 'missing person report' "sets her free" (?) 14 Aug 2018
  • Assault on court steps. Younger kidnapped by family, taken to mental institution.
  • Back to the court for older partner, 24 Sept 2018. Magistrate confirms younger lady wants to live with partner.

Outrages all around, seriously.
Treated like a child whose decisions are questionable. Yet worse than treatment as a child. Police complicit.
Reported 'missing'. Separated for 'missing'. Assault on court steps, and kidnap. Worse, sent to institution for mental illness. Yeah, health practitioners complicit too.
Good thing,..., court married them off...! LOL

Why the hustle, really?

A story and testimony like this is vindication of the fight to decriminalise for all Queer Indians.

This is a win for generations. Congratulations again.



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